The UHM had issued this instruction to the states regarding trains and buses, read here

New Delhi: The Union Home Ministry has issued instructions to all states and union territories for passengers being taken in trains and buses to various states due to the nationwide closure.

The ministry has stressed on the need to adopt a clear strategy for departure of migrant trains or buses in view of congestion at railway stations and bus depots.

There is no accurate information about the departure of trains among foreign workers. In such a situation, keep clarity while coordinating with the State Railway Ministry. More special trains should be run for workers. Rumors are also exacerbating the plight of migrant workers.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, in an official order, directed the chief secretaries and administrations of all the states and union territories that there was a danger of coronavirus infection due to large-scale movement of stranded workers returning home. Therefore, adequate action is needed.

Helps to alleviate the plight of migrant workers going home on foot. No extraterrestrial labor runs on roads or railway tracks.

The district administration and the states should ensure that no foreign labor has to walk on the road or railway track to get home.

Coordinate with the Ministry of Railways so that more trains can be run to take the provinces to their destination.

Asked to create resting places for foreign laborers. These locations can be identified with the help of the district administration and NGOs can help in their construction.

Special attention should be paid to the needs of women, children and the elderly in migrant workers.