Gujarat’s rift in Amit Shah and Modi’s relationship

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 6 May 2020

There is a political rift between Home Minister Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, known as Narendra Modi’s Hanuman. The two have differed on certain issues.

The treatment of the minority community over the Corona and Delhi riots has not resulted in good relations between the Arab countries and other countries towards India. The threat of these countries to send Modi people to India and treat Hindus in the same way by publicly criticizing Modi is also believed to be the cause of the rift.

A Gujarat politician who is linked to Amit Shah and Modi said, that Amit Shah was being held responsible for the growing pressure on the Gulf and Emirate countries to discriminate against Muslims.

In Gujarat, Amit Shah’s grip is now greater than Modi’s. What Amit says is starting to happen in Gujarat’s politics . Amit Shah decides more than Modi. Cooperatives, banks, public bodies, cricket boards, farm produce markets, all dairies, whatever is being instructed to the Gujarat government is being given by Amit Shah.

Thus, with Amit Shah’s growing political dominance, Narendra Modi has now sidelined himself in the decision-making process. Modi is being pressured by the foreign lobby to move him as Home Minister. There is similar pressure within the BJP. After removing him from the post of national president, Modi no longer counts Amit Shah in the decision-making process.

Modi has not forgotten that when Modi was pushed out of Gujarat by Shankarsinh Vaghela, Amit Shah himself moved trying closer to Keshubhai. Narendra Modi was put aside. Modi has not forgotten this yet. For Anandiben Patel and Sanjay Joshi, who are already challenging Amit Shah, bright opportunities are now emerging.