The private company started the e-farmer market, central government start after 3 years

Ahmedabad, 24 May 2020
APMC has decided to amend the Act 1963. Normally farmers could sell their produce only in APMC marketyards but after the new research they will have a bigger commercial platform available to sell their produce. A single market of the country will be created. It may still take two to three years for the structure to be implemented. So farmers will not start getting direct benefits.

Farmers and traders are currently working in certain areas that need to change.

The beginning of a market in India has been a long time coming. Rajesh Singh, CEO and MD of Nemal (NCDEX eMarket) operates an online state level integrated market in Karnataka. Here all APMC deals online with farmers and traders. The produce of the farmers is sold to the person who is willing to pay the highest price.

The company has connected farmers in Karnataka with the National Electronic Market or e-name. E-name is a business platform for farmers but barely 10-15 per cent of the actual business is done here in APMC. About 1000 APMCs have been attached to this structure.

Now the government wants to do the same. For this Rs. 1 lakh crore will be required. Which the central government cannot give at present.