Tourism Day: Kutch’s natural wonder Kadiya Dharo was not developed as a tourist destination

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 27 September 2023

At a distance of 40 kilometers from Nakhtrana in Kutch, the once flat rocks in the inaccessible areas have been cut by wind and water and today there are amazing ravines. Colorful rocks are found due to different types of minerals. The surprising thing is how stones or rocks come in so many colors? How can there be so many shapes? The government should develop this as a natural tourist destination.

27 September is World Tourism Day. Then the black earth of Kutch which attracts the people of the world, the heritage of dinosaurs, the fossil park of trees millions of years ago, the government is not ready to do anything for it.

Kalio Dharo is a world class tourist destination located in Kutch. Kaliyo Dhron was included in the list of 52 places to visit in 2021 by The New York Times. Changes in water level have created natural shapes in the soil and stone. India has three places in the list of 52 places. These include Kadiya Dhro, Himalayas and the famous Nanda Devi mountain of Ladakh. 2000 places were recommended from all over the world. In which 52 places were selected. One of the 52 tourist attractions in the world, this is a picturesque view of nature on canvas. This place is similar to America’s Grand Canyon National Park. America’s New York Times published it on its front page.

Art on seven peaks

There are seven mountain peaks at this site. People here know it as Mahabharata Mountain. The seven peaks are named after the five Pandavas, Kunti and Draupadi. These millions of years of wind, water and heat have carved or worked wonders on rocks that were once flat, as wind and water erode them over time. Amazing carvings of air and water can be seen here in this millions of years old natural structure. Nature’s best sculptor, this natural formation is known as the Grand Canyon of Gujarat. There are rocks, waterfalls, small ponds here. A good place for nature lovers, trekking-travel, photography and videography.

Kasbi River

Nature has created amazing carvings in the deserted areas of Kotda Tharawada, Bhadli, Lakhiyarveera, Jataveera, Morjar and Nattharkui. Somewhere between the deep ravines, small lakes get filled during the monsoon. Behad river flows. Which is known as Dhro or Ya in rural language. Kadia Dhro, located at a distance of about 35 km from Bhuj city of Kutch district, is known as the Grand Canyon of Gujarat. If we look at the meaning of Kadiya Dhro in Kachhi language, Kadiya means town and Dhro means small lake found in the river bed.

Nature is a sculptor

Apart from the white desert, rock climbing is also fun from November to February. This space is still unused. One has to leave the vehicle 4 kilometers away and go on foot. It becomes a slippery stone in the rain. Colorful rocks, waterfalls and small ponds as well as greenery enhance the beauty of this area. This place gives a feeling of peace and tranquility like being in the lap of nature. This place will provide the best for nature lovers, trekking-travel, photography and videography lovers. Also, one can opt for pre-wedding and post-wedding photography at this place. There is danger of crocodiles.

Eco tourism

10 eco-tourism sites were developed in Jambughoda, Ratnamhal, Shoolpaneshwar, (Mahal) Purna and Jessore sanctuaries in Gujarat. Between July and September 2021, the CAG investigated, permanent structures were built at six locations without prior approval of the central government or NBWL. The average annual number of tourists visiting the sanctuaries was 2053 in Jessore, zero in Balram Ambaji, 29460 in Jambughoda, 16063 in Ratan Mahal, 33018 in Shoolpaneshwar, 31134 in Purna. The embankment was filled with solid plastic waste, hence there was a need for a proper waste management policy in the sanctuary, but negligence was found in the management on the part of the department.


There is no primary facility in Nalsarovar near Sanand. Tourists are robbed by boats. The number of tourists has decreased by 40 percent.

The tents put up in 2016 disappeared after some time. Hotels, places, all facilities were gone. If toilet is built then there is no water. Wetlands under the Ramsar scheme include Kutch and Nalsarovar in Gujarat. There has been talk of developing Nalsarovar as a bird sanctuary and tourist destination. No facility as per fee. Tourists have to walk two kilometers to go inside. Entry is from 6 am to 5 pm. The place is vacated at 6 to 7 pm.

Investment talks

Since 1995, there has been talk of development and investment opportunities in the tourism and aviation sectors in Gujarat. Rupee. Against the investment of Rs 5 lakh crore, not even Rs 50 thousand crore has been invested. Modi said that 20 years ago the Gujarat government had decided to give more emphasis on the tourism sector. There are abundant employment opportunities. Big investments had to be brought. Such a big plan is not seen anywhere.

37 plans collapsed

Since 2005, the government has 37 tourism projects for tourism development, such as Gandhi Circuit, North Gujarat Circuit, Kutch Circuit, Beach Circuit, Ahmedabad Circuit, Seaside Circuit, Eco-tourism, Medical Tourism, Religious Tourism, Fairs-Festivals, Heritage-cultural tourism.

No major circuits have been built and there is not a single successful circuit. In which investment of Rs 50 thousand crore was to be made 13 years ago. But work has been done only to develop the Prime Minister’s village Vadnagar. The remaining 450 or so heritage sites have been highlighted. take care of it

There are no checkpoints.

MOU failed

The fourth Gujarat Vibrant Summit organized by former Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2009 allocated Rs. 97 companies signed MoU for investment of Rs 43 thousand crores. In 2011 Rs. An agreement of Rs 1 lakh crore was reached. Thus, in 22 years, Rs 5 lakh crore worth of MoUs and advertisements by government or private companies for investment in tourist destinations in Gujarat. But in 22 years Rs. Even investment of Rs 50 thousand crore was not made.

There are 250 places like Dholavira or Lol, many of which are of mythological and historical and architectural importance. Which has not been developed.

Foreign Gujarati

Tourists have increased. In which the major part is of 1 crore 20 lakh foreign Gujaratis living abroad. They come to Gujarat every two or three years. The number of Gujarati speakers in the country is 4.58 percent. 33 lakh people in India outside Gujarat speak Gujarati. Of which 23 lakh are in Maharashtra. 25 lakh people of Saurashtra origin live in the state of Tamil Nadu. To maintain the identity of old Saurashtra as well as the tradition and heritage of Saurashtra. The Hindu government of Gujarat has made this announcement. But census figures prove this claim of Modi to be false. Because there are only 2.75 lakh Gujarati language speakers in Tamil Nadu, not 25 lakh. Thus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat BJP’s Bhupendra Patel government are spreading the illusion that 25 lakh Gujaratis live in Tamil Nadu.

17 lakh tourists at 12 places

Saputara Monsoon Mahotsav, Rang Hai Meghani, Gandhi Jayanti Mahotsav, Dholavira Mahotsav, Tarnetar Fair, Madhavpur Fair, National Mango Mahotsav, Asmita Mahotsav, Vadnagar, Dussehra Mahotsav and Shri 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama, Somnath, Ambaji, Dwarka, Rann of Kutch, Gir National 17 lakh 77 thousand tourists visited the park, Navratri, International Kite Festival, Tanariri Festival and Ranotsav in the year 2022-23.

In the first 8 months of 2023, 15 lakh 40 thousand foreign tourists have come to Gujarat. The number of foreign tourists may reach 20 lakh in 2023. The growth rate of tourists is 8 percent. In which the government discriminates against Jain, Parsi, Christian and Muslim tourist destinations.

Foreign tourist

According to the data given by TCGL, the number of foreign tourists coming to India in 2022 was 85 lakh 90 thousand. In which there were 17 lakh 77 thousand native Gujaratis and foreigners in Gujarat. Gujarat’s share in the number of foreign tourists visiting India is 20.17 percent. In which Gujarati foreigners are more.

UNESCO World Heritage city Ahmedabad is the first choice of foreign tourists visiting Gujarat. In the year 2022, 3 lakh 63 thousand tourists have seen the centuries-old heritage of Ahmedabad. In 2023, 3 lakh 53 thousand tourists came to Ahmedabad in 8 months. Apart from this, there are Champaner-Pavagadh Development, Rani Vav, Sun Temple, Modhera and the historical city of Ahmedabad.

3 lakh foreigners in Ahmedabad

The number of tourists visiting Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad is 1 lakh. World Heritage city Ahmedabad tops the list of top tourist destinations for foreigners. By 2023, the number of foreign tourists coming to Ahmedabad can reach 3 lakh 63 thousand. A large part of which are foreigners originally living in Gujarat. Atithyam is a portal for information for tourists visiting Gujarat.

Ambaji, Dwarka, Somnath, Gir, Statue of Unity are becoming favorite destinations for foreign tourists.

The number of visitors to various tourist destinations in Gujarat for the year 2022 and 2023 (till August) is as follows:

Tourist Places – Year 2022 – Year 2023 (By August)

Ahmedabad 6,63,000 – 3,53,000

Sabarmati Riverfront       67,000 – 1,07,969

Ambaji Temple 1,53,000 – 77,225

Somnath Temple 1,04,000 – 73,121

Dwarka Temple 75,000 – 62,915

Pebble Lakefront 49,000 – 48,656

Surat city 61,000 – 46,656

Pavagadh Temple 44,000 – 39,971

Statue of Unity 22,000 – 25,291

Gandhi Ashram 33,000 – 13,800

Shivrajpur Beach 200 – 8,656

Adaljani Vav 240 – 2,498

Rani Ki Vav (Patan) 200 – 785

In the report of Gujarat Tourism Corporation Limited for the year 2020-21, it has been said that the number of tourists has decreased by 80 percent in the year 2020-21. In the year 2019-20, 6.09 crore tourists came from Gujarat, other states of the country and abroad. In the year 2020-21, the number of tourists decreased to about 1.18 crore.

Various circuit projects have been developed at an estimated cost of Rs 24.55 crore in 2020-21. There are 41 projects which receive grants from the Central Government.

India tourism statistics

In the India Tourism Statistics-2023 report, Gujarat ranks first in terms of foreign tourists and fifth in terms of domestic tourists. A total of 8.59 million foreign tourists visited India in the year 2022. Of them, 1.78 million tourists came to Gujarat. That means Gujarat’s share in the number of foreign tourists has been the highest in the country with 20.70%. According to this, a total of 1731.01 million domestic tourists visited different states of the country in the year 2022. Out of which 13 crore 58 lakh tourists came to visit Gujarat, that is, Gujarat’s share in the number of domestic tourists is 7.85% in the fifth place in the country.

13 crore tourists

Gujarat was not even in the top-10 in terms of foreign tourist visits in the year. More than 13 crore tourists came to Gujarat in 2022. 13 crore domestic tourists came to Gujarat. Gujarat ranks fifth in the country in the number of domestic tourists with a share of 7.85%. 20 percent foreign tourists from America in 2022

percent from Bangladesh, 10 percent from the UK and other top 10 countries include Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia.

Gujarat receives highest number of domestic tourists in 2022

Year Domestic Tourist, Foreign, Share No.

2022 13.5 crore 7.80% 5

2021 2.45 crore 3.60% 9

2020 1.94 crore 3.20% 9

2019 5.88 crore 2.50% 9

2018 5.43 crore 2.90% 9

2017 4.83 crore 2.90% 9

2015 4.22 crore 2.60% 9

2014 3.62 crore 2.50% 9

foreign tourists in 2022

State Foreign Tourist Share

Gujarat 17.8 lakh 20.7

Maharashtra 15.1 lakh 17.6

P. Bengal 10.4 lakh 12.08

Delhi 8 Lakh 9.5

Uttar Pradesh 6 lakh 7.56

India 86 lakh 100

In 2001-02, the number of tourists in Gujarat was 52 lakh.

4.83 crore in 2017 and 5.43 crore in 2018.

A total of 5 crore 88 lakh tourists came in 2019. Which was 2.5 percent of the total tourists of the country.

In the year 2019-20, 6 crore 9 lakh tourists came to Gujarat. The number of tourists increased 12 times. Whereas the budget of the tourism department has increased 40 times from Rs 12 crore to Rs 12 crore. 487 crores. The growth rate of tourists in Gujarat was 13 percent.

13 percent growth in Gujarat tourism sector in 5 years in 2021: Number of tourists reached 6.09 crore

In three years, 11 lakh tourists came to Ranotsav. Ranotsav has earned Rs 80 crore 90 lakh in a year against the expenditure of Rs 3 crore 89 lakh.

UNESCO heritage tag

Every year approximately Rs 8 crore is spent on Navratri festival. In three years, 19 lakh tourists came to the Navratri festival. Kolkata’s ‘Durga Puja Festival’ was given the intangible heritage tag by UNESCO last December. The Central Government’s proposal to UNESCO to give Intangible Heritage status to Gujarat’s Garba was pending before the Modi Government. Garba was nominated for UNESCO heritage tag, what happened next?

11 lakh tourists also came to the kite festival.

61.65 lakh in 2002-03.

1.58 crore in 2008-09. There has been an increase of 156 percent in six years.

The number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased from 1.41 crore to 1.58 crore in 2007-08. Which indicates an increase of 12 percent.

Cost of crores

The government spent crores of rupees to increase the number of tourists. However, in the two years till March 2023, only 465 foreign tourists became guests.

A lot was spent on Navratri festival, Rannotsav and tourism facilities.

Rs 1 crore spent on tourism advertising

The Tourism Department spent Rs 81.72 lakh on TV newspapers in two years. Rs 20 lakh on hotel, car rear and decorations. 56 crores

Only 76 foreign tourists have come in the year 2021 and 389 in the year 2022.

Statue of Unity Sardar-Gandhi

50 lakh tourists visited the Statue of Unity in 553 days of its inauguration. 15-20 thousand tourists are visiting the Statue of Unity every day. Then in the coming years, 1 lakh tourists will come to see the Statue of Unity every day. 7 lakh tourists visited Sasan Gir in two years. Sabarmati Ashram receives an average of 7 lakh visitors every year. 2 lakh people visit Somnath temple every month.


Taj Mahal of Agra is on top. In 2018-19, 56 lakh tourists visited the Taj Mahal. 34 lakh people visited Red Fort of Delhi, 26 lakh people visited Qutub Minar, 24 lakh people visited Konark Sun Temple.


There was a lot of discussion when the bus port was built in Ahmedabad. An AC room was prepared for the passengers to sit at the busport. But since the opening of the busport in 2015, the AC room of the busport has not been started till date. AC room is becoming like an ornament. Forget about the facility of AC room at the busport. But the fan is also off. The private company is not interested in busport maintenance, only interested in revenue.

2500 crore travel scam

Nikhil Bhatt, Executive Engineer of Pavagadh and Paresh Patel, Trustee of Yatra Dham, by the Yatra Dham Development Board for the tourists in Pavagadh worth Rs. A scam of Rs 100 to 125 crores was done. A statewide scam of Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 crore was indicated.

Along with Pavagadh, big scams have also taken place in the work of Bahucharaji temple in Dwarka, Mehsana.


Tourism Department Rs. Development of Tagrobag S tourist places in Surendranagar project was completed at a cost of Rs 3 crore 80 lakh. The condition of Tagore Bagh is still found in ruins.


Bharuchana Kabirism for Ecotourism, Shuklatirtha, Mangleshwar in 2011 Rs. A scheme of Rs 50 crore was started, but the tourist destination has not developed and Kabirwad has to sleep without tourists.

No tourism village policy

A new ‘Cinematic Tourism Policy 2022-2027’ has been created for the development of the film industry. There is also a legacy policy. But there is no agritourism policy. Nor is there any rural tourism policy. There are 90 villages in Gujarat which have their own distinct identity across the country and which can be developed for tourism.

Dumas Coast

Surat Municipal Corporation ‘Dumas Sea Face Development Project’ got 28.75 hectares of forest land and 78 hectares of government land on the sea coast of Dumas, did not plan ‘Eco Tourism Park’ and Anand-Pramod on 106 hectares of land.

Has been.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan has promoted holy pilgrimages to Ran Ran, Saputara, Gir and Somnath and Ambaji under the ‘Khushboo Gujarat Ki’ campaign over the past decade.

R did it. Fragrance of Gujarat and spend a few days in Gujarat – people will probably come but professional approach of people is necessary for them to come again.

Wnglish guide

In Gujarat, even a high school passed person can speak and understand Hindi. But, foreign tourists and those from the southern and eastern parts of India prefer guides who can communicate well in English. Such guides are not available in sufficient numbers. Due to this, tourists do not get good service and hence, due to word of mouth, tourists do not come to Gujarat in the numbers that should come.

Museum policy not made

Museum tourist

Vadodara has two world class museums. The original paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, a famous painter of the early twentieth century, are housed in the Fateh Singh Rao Museum in Vadodara. The city’s Sayaji Garden is among the largest parks in India. But hardly any government or tour operator invites tourists to visit Vadodara. Of the 26 museums, 18 are the most famous. Museum in Gujarat

Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery, Kutch Museum, Watson Museum, Junagadh Museum, Durbarhall Museum – Junagadh, Prabhaspatan Museum, Somnath, Barton Museum, Gandhi Smriti Bhawan, Bhavnagar, Archaeological Museum-Jamnagar, Lady Wilson Museum-Dharampur, Vadnagar Museum, Sardar Patel There are 40 other museums including National Museum-Bardoli, Saputara Museum, Shamlaji Museum, Chhotaudepur Museum, Patan Museum, Porbandar Museum, Natyasangralay-Morbi and Ahmedabad. The government does not like to build any museum of Gandhiji other than Bhavnagar. But the government is spending crores of rupees to build a marine museum. The country’s first and the world’s third fossil park is the Dinosaur Museum. from Gujarat

The Human Culture Museum, Vintage Car Museum, Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Prachya Vidyamandir Museum, Tribal-Anthropology Museum, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum, Medical College Museum and Agricultural Museum are on private basis.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum

The building of Alfred High School, Rajkot houses the Mahatma Gandhi Museum. For foreign tourists, this museum is an excellent source of information about the life story of Mahatma Gandhi. In the month of April, 3564 tourists visited the museum, of which only 16 were foreign tourists. In which 835 students from 7 schools were included. Foreign tourists included citizens of Britain, France, Madagascar, America, Tahiti, Chicago.

5905 visitors came in the month of January. People have started coming less.

No industrial museum

90% of India’s diamond-cloth trade takes place in Gujarat. The diamond or textile museum is not government. Gujarat is the land of rich handicrafts like Patola weaving, Khadi, Bandhani, Block printing, Embroidery, Namda, Rogan painting, Matani Pachdi, Wood work, Metal work, Bamboo crafts, Pithora, Pots etc.

Kutch Museum

Built in 1877, Kutch Museum is the oldest museum in Gujarat. The 11 Kshatrapa Sheela inscriptions are the main attraction among the visitors. About one and a half lakh tourists visit this museum every year.

The rulers of 5 thousand years ago were good

Five thousand years ago the water system in the ancient city of Dholavira was excellent. The Water Supply Board has miserably failed to supply water to Dholavira, 40 km away from Amrapar. In the Khadir area of Kutch, after the Water Supply Board’s schemes worth Rs 3 crore have failed for the last 40 years, people are now forced to drink water with 2500 to 3000 TDS.

At Khadir, water reaches Amrapar, but then the system fails to deliver water to Dholavira, 40 km away. Neither Narmada nor water from any other scheme reaches Dholavira. Only when it rains and the dam is filled, the water supply board recharges the existing bores and wells and drinking water has been available from this local source for the last 40 years.

Stitches were made 35 years ago, but are empty. The water entered Khadir but never went beyond Amrafar. An express line has been laid from Balasar to Khadir Narmada Neer through the desert of Amrapar. But water is not available. The height from Balasar to Dholavira is 100 feet. Breaks somewhere between Amrapar and Dholavira when launched for testing. Gujarat Tourism Board has also allocated Rs. Rs 5 crore was given to the Water Supply Board. They have also gone into the water. Now a new line will be laid from Amrapar to Gadda.

Tree Museum

The world’s second tree museum will be built in Umiadham, the world’s largest temple. The world’s second tree museum will be built at Jaspur Vishwa Umiya Dham in Ahmedabad. Thousands of trees will be grown in this tree museum. As soon as the climate here becomes favorable, trees will be imported from abroad. This museum will be constructed in an area of 5 bighas. Along with this, the largest parking lot of the state will also be built.

The sea is empty

There is more than 1600 km, but no thought has been given to infrastructure and serviced tourism facilities along the coast.

Salt Satyagraha Memorial

The Yatri Night Lodge built at the historical Dandi site in Matwa was closed. There is Meetha Satyagraha Memorial and beach here.

After the construction of the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial in Dandi in 2019, tourist facilities also did not increase.


Lakhpat Bhibhi, adjacent to the border, is the historic citadel of Lakhpat, the heyday of the Dhula port and yielding lakhs of rupees. The golden days of Lakhpat can return. The historical places are Guneri, Koteshwar, Buddhist cave, Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar but the

Cass is not there. Kateshwar is quite neglected. Not even a direction board.

Even though Gujarat has the longest coastline in the country, why are events like holiday shows like Singapore or dinners on cruise ships like Dubai not organized here?

Marine Park

Marine National Park is an indescribable place. The national park is situated on the coastal route of Dwarka. This is the first case of its kind in India. The national park consists of 42 islands, 33 of which are surrounded by coral reefs. There is diverse marine and bird life here. Tourists are allowed to visit only a few islands. The main Narara Island (island) can be reached by car. One can walk for several kilometers in ankle-deep water along the coast. There is a local guide. Pirotan Island can be reached by boat. For this, prior permission is required from government departments.

Island tourism

Since 2003, the BJP government had decided to develop 144 islands off the coast of Gujarat for tourism. In 2019, Gujarat Islands Development Authority – GIDA was formed and it was decided to develop 23 large islands larger than 50 hectares in the first phase. Then it was reduced to 3 islands. Not a single one of these 3 is a tourist destination today.


The best beach of Gujarat is Shivrajpur. Which is 12 km from Dwarka to Okha. Is. Also famous as Bluebell Beach. White sand, clear and transparent water, safe shores, the environment is completely safe. Plastic is banned. Since there is no population nearby, the sea is not polluted at all. Activities like scuba diving are also done on the beach. 12 best beaches in Gujarat. But people hesitate to go because of the dirt.

Half the forest

Polo Forest is a beautiful forest area spread over 400 sq km near Abhapur village in Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha district of northern Gujarat. It is located at a distance of 150 km from Ahmedabad city. One day picnic can be organized from Ahmedabad.

Prohibition of alcohol

There is prohibition in Gujarat, permission has to be taken for it, it is possible that a foreigner who wants to come may have only one thing going in his mind that brother, where did Gujarat come from? If one has to pay bribe to get permission in India, go abroad and count the cost, then who will spend more and fight for it? This could be the reason. (Translated from Gujarati by Google, from this website)