School closed in villages of the border near Pakistan in Gujarat, teacher Dipak Mota changed his car into a digital school

Bhuj, 23 September 2020
In Gujarat too, the number of positive cases is increasing rather than decreasing. Students cannot go to school. Online education is becoming misleading. Then one such teacher is giving selfless education to children. The teacher works in an elementary school in Hundarai Bagh area of ​​Bagh village in Mandvi taluka of Kutch-Bhuj and is named Deepak Mota. Schools in Pakistan’s border villages of Gujarat are closed. Across the border, there is a school in Pakistan.
Teacher Deepak Mota was surprised by a question that the result of online education is not what it should be. As a result, the teacher has started a digital school in his car so that education can reach children. They take their Alto cars to the neighborhood near the students’ home to read with the children. The name of this school started in Alto Kar is Shikshanath.
The teacher has installed a 42-inch LED TV in his car. An inverter is also fitted in the car to run the TV. Waterfall in the vicinity of Pakistan. Students are studying digital by connecting their laptops to LED televisions in a way that maintains social distance.
There is a problem of electricity in the monsoon in the villages of Mandvi taluka. Mobile networks are less caught. So can not study online. Children do not have mobile phones due to poor economic condition. So that students have to face a lot of difficulties in studying.