Tribals of Gujarat are at No. 1 in ginger cultivation, but income has declined

Dilip Patel, 21 April, 2022

Due to low cost of organic ginger, farmers cannot afford it. In Gujarat, 1.10 lakh tonnes of ginger was harvested in 5069 hectares last year. This year also the same quantity of planting and production has been done as compared to last year. It is estimated that 14% of the area is under organic ginger cultivation. Even the prices have come down. Therefore it is the turn of 12 to 15 thousand farmers to bear the loss. The government calls for organic farming but there is no market for organic ginger.

The fall in ginger prices has made farmers poor. Prices in Dahod range from 380 to 600. Price in Vadodara is 400-440 and in Surat is 300-400. which is very less. At present, farmers are getting an average of Rs 20 per kg.

Ginger ripens in 8 to 9 months. The cost per hectare is 7-8 lakhs. The price ranged from Rs 50 to Rs 120 per kg. The farmer gets the benefit only after getting Rs 50 per kg.

Ginger is grown in mountainous regions, where the tropical climate is favorable for this crop. Organically grown ginger produces high quality which is in demand from other countries as well.

The hilly areas of the tribals are at the forefront of ginger ripening in Gujarat. Where organic ginger grows, Gujarat has the highest cultivation of ginger in 4200 hectares with 95 thousand tonnes in central Gujarat. Dahod has the highest area of ​​2271 hectares in the whole of Gujarat. Where 50-52 thousand tons of ginger are harvested. Mahisagar grows 2100 tons in 900 hectares, Panchmahal 8700 tons in 375 hectares, Aravalli 3900 tons in 235 hectares, 7700 tons in 375 hectares in Chhota Udaipur, 2700 tons in 138 hectares in Bharuch and 2700 tons in 137 hectares in Navsari.

Apart from non-tribal areas, there are Anand, Kheda, Vadodara, Sabarkantha, Surat, Narmada. In Saurashtra, only 4 hectares of ginger is cultivated in Amreli. Ginger is imported into Kutch.

organic export
The turmeric of Boriyavi is admired in the country. Devesh Patel, a farmer and IT engineer from Boriyavi village in Anand district, makes 27 products like Sattva Organic Turmeric Pickle, Haldi Lata, Ginger Dry Powder (Ginger), Chai Masala on 20 bighas of land. 15,000 orders are received every month. Which exports 6 tons of ginger to the countries of America and Europe. 1.50 crore annually. Grading, packing, marketing curry since 2010. His wife manages the market. Out of 20 Vidhans, 200 Vidhans are produced. Devesh’s family is doing organic farming since 1992.

Local markets are full of ginger that is not organic.

The bumper crop of ginger has drowned the farmers in despair instead of happiness. This is because of fall in demand and fall in prices. Farmers are affected.

Koraput in Odisha is known for its high quality ginger. Ginger is cultivated on 2,599 hectares of land. There also ginger growers of Gujarat are like farmers.

Last year ginger was selling at Rs 80 per kg but this year the price has come down to Rs 20 per kg.

The government is not paying heed to the petitions of ginger farmers demanding minimum support price for ginger. The fall in ginger prices has broken the back of farmers. Many ginger farmers feel that unless the state government intervenes, their plight will continue.

So you can do good business in big markets. Subsidy should be given to farmers growing ginger in more than one hectare of land.

Sales have also declined due to lack of proper processing and marketing facilities. Cold Storage, Ginger Processing Plant No. There is a need to provide ginger washing and drying machines to the farmers.

Not exported to EU countries. Ginger in Gujarat is being imported from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Ginger is used in traditional and alternative medicine.

Ginger helps with digestion, nausea, fever, flu and common cold.

Ginger’s unique aroma and taste comes from its natural oil.

Due to abundant production of cheap ginger from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the prices of ginger have come down.
Most of the 30,000 farmers in Odisha’s Koraput are tribals. Who cultivates organic ginger like Gujarat.

Koraput district produces 20 quintals of ginger from one hectare of land. The tribals of Gujarat grow 23 tonnes of ginger per hectare.

South Sikkim produces 50,000 tonnes of organic ginger.