Orange orchards growing from 1 thousand fruits in one tree in Gujarat 

Dilip Patel, 15 March 2022

Where lemons can grow, oranges can grow. Because lemon is a fruit of the family. Citrus fruits like citrus fruits, lemons and oranges are abundant in Gujarat. The cultivation of oranges has increased.

Oranges are grown in Gujarat in 4000 hectares. Which can be increased to 20 thousand hectares. 1 to 2 lakh tonnes of oranges can be produced.

The citrus orchards in Mehsana are currently producing 1.90 lakh tonnes in 13300 hectares. Where farmers are seeing the possibility of making the most orange orchards in the whole of Gujarat.

The Agriculture Department estimates that this year 6.25 lakh tonnes of citrus fruits will be harvested in 48,500 hectares in Gujarat. Oranges are also showing an uptrend. The areas where orange orchards can be found are Anand, Vadodara, Mehsana, Bhavnagar, Morbi.

An orchard of 4.46 lakh hectares produces 93 lakh tonnes of fruits. Citrus fruits account for 10%.

The production in 2019-20 was 61.36 lakh metric tonnes in 4.54 lakh hectares. In 2020-21, 60.26 lakh metric tonnes is estimated to be produced in 4.62 lakh hectares.

The yield per orange tree ranges from 1000 fruits to 1500 fruits. Orange is grown in all the three border states of Gujarat.

Chhindwara, Betul, Hoshangabad, Shajapur, Nicham, Ratlam and Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh. Cultivation is also done in Jhalawar of Rajasthan, while farmers in Punjab and Haryana.

Out of 43000 hectares in Madhya Pradesh, 23000 hectares are oranges in Chhindwara district. The productivity of orange is 12 tonnes per hectare.

In Gujarat, 6.25 lakh tonnes are cultivated in 48 thousand hectares.

The farmer gets a price of Rs 20 per kg.

Thrives in 6 years, as the trees get older, the number of fruit-bearing ones will also increase. 1 tree can bear 1 to 1.5 quintals of fruit.

Gujarat has the highest number of citrus fruits in northern Gujarat. Mehsana produces the largest number of citrus fruits in the whole of Gujarat.