The record of the biggest flute in Jamnagar is now in the name of Pilibhit

Dilip Patel, 20 April 2022
Jayeshbhai Shambhubhai Patel, a 50-year-old shepherd and farmer of Zarola village in Borsad taluka of Anand, has performed musical experiments on 15 cows. Music disables the cow. Benefits in blood circulation when music is played. The cow becomes neutral while milking. The cow enjoys it. The loss of antibodies stops. By heart not by force. The cycle splits and the cow gets a setup change.
Spread the raga not only in India but in many countries. By playing the flute while grazing the cows or playing the rasa, Krishna became known as the shepherd of the cows.

Dwarka had a record of playing 11 feet of flute in the name of Krishna in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Breaking the record of Jamnagar, the name of Pilibhit’s 16 feet high flute is recorded in the India Book of Records. Now it is registered after 2021. Rais Ahmed has been making flute for many generations. In which 3 artisans worked for 20 days. Earlier they used to make 2 meters long flute.

Renowned flute player Pandit Rajendra Prasanna set a record by playing 16 feet long flute at the Flute Festival in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh on 18th December.

There is a demand for flute made of Narkul bamboo not only in India but also in America, France, London, Pakistan. He has a business of 40 lakh bamboo in the factory with 55 people.

The annual turnover of the flute business in Pilibhit is Rs 10 to 15 crores.