Vande Bharat train scam of Modi govt, Gujarat activist Sanjay Ijhawa

Suspicion of corruption in making Vande Bharat Express, Gujarat’s Sanjay Izhava termed Modi government as a scammer.
Ahmedabad, 8 February 2024
Shatabdi Express train and Vande Bharat train are similar in design and comfort. However, the production cost of Vande Bharat train is 237.16 percent higher. Asking the question why the cost is so high, the cost of Narendra Modi’s money train has been increased by Rs 2 thousand crores. Due to which there is suspicion of corruption.

There is an allegation of corruption in the information sought by Surat activist Sanjay Izhava under the Right to Information Act regarding Vande Bharat train. If there is an investigation, big corruption can be exposed. The information given by the Integral Railway Coach Factory of Chennai has created a stir.

Vande Bharat train operated by Indian Railways was started from the year 2019 due to the insistence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At present 82 trains are running. Modi himself went and gave green signal to every train. Vande Bharat Express has 16 coaches. Vande Bharat train has won popular appreciation for its speed and facilities.

Currently there are 25 Vande Bharat trains as of 7 July 2023. This figure is of Jodhpur-Sabarmati Vande Bharat train. All Vande Bharat trains run 6 days a week. Almost all the states of the country have got Vande Bharat trains.

There will be 82 trains, there will be 100 trains
The first Vande Bharat train was introduced between Varanasi and New Delhi on February 15, 2019.
82 trains have been started till December 2023. 10 more trains will start before the elections. The target was to start 100 trains. Currently running between various cities and states across the country. 10 can run between Varanasi-Lucknow, Patna-Jalpaiguri, Madgaon-Mangalore, Delhi-Amritsar, Indore-Surat, Mumbai-Kolhapur, Mumbai-Jalana, Pune-Vadodara, Tatanagar-Varanasi.
In the first 10 trains that started, 1 crore 25 lakh passengers had traveled before the 11th train.

Cost of making Vande Bharat train:-
The actual cost of manufacturing one Vande Bharat train is Rs 104.35 crore. It has 16 coaches including 8 motor coaches, 2 driving trailer coaches, 2 non-driving trailer coaches, 4 trailer coaches. That means the price of one coach is Rs 100. 6.52 crores. By August 2023, 408 Vande Bharat coaches have been built. Behind which Rs. Rs 2732.72 crore has been spent. Integral Coach Factory has also received all this amount from Indian Railways.

Cost of construction of Shatabdi Express train:-
Shatabdi Express trains have 21 to 22 coaches. Like Vande Bharat train, all coaches of Shatabdi Express train are air-conditioned. Shatabdi Express train has 22 coaches including 3 power car coaches, 3 AC executive chair car coaches and 16 air conditioned coaches. The cost of making it is Rs. 47.45 crores.

Allegation of corruption regarding Vande Bharat train.?
1. Construction cost of 16 coach Vande Bharat train is Rs. 104.35 crores. The cost of manufacturing the 16 coach Shatabdi Express train is Rs. 44.02 crores.
2. The cost of making one coach of Vande Bharat train is Rs 6.52 crore, while the cost of making one coach of Shatabdi Express is only Rs 6.52 crore. 2.75 crores.
3. The speed of Vande Bharat train is 130 kilometers per hour. The speed of Shatabdi Express train is 130 kilometers per hour.
4. All coaches of Vande Bharat Train and Shatabdi Express Train are air conditioned.
5. Both Vande Bharat train and Shatabdi Express train run on electric engines.
6. Both the trains are also similar in seating capacity.

Both the trains are similar in construction and convenience. However, the production cost of Vande Bharat train is 237.16 percent higher.
Why is the cost of making Vande Bharat train 237.16% more than that of Shatabdi Express? That is, the cost of one coach of Vande Bharat train is Rs 6.52 crore, whereas the cost of one coach of Shatabdi Express train is only Rs 6.52 crore. 2.75 crores. This difference is very big. The modification cost of one coach of Vande Bharat train is equal to the cost of making three coaches of Shatabdi Express. This thing is not being digested.

Till now the cost of manufacturing 408 coaches of Vande Bharat train has been Rs. 2732.72 crores. If this much expenditure had been spent on the Shatabdi Express model, then approximately 1 thousand coaches would have been made. This is what Surat’s militant leader Sanjay Ezhava has to say.

An Accident
Cows and buffaloes have collided with Vande Bharat train many times.
On September 30, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Vande Bharat Express. PM Modi himself went to Kalupur railway station by this train. After which, on October 6, the Vande Bharat train which departed from Gandhinagar met with an accident near the railway track while crossing Maninagar. In which the front part of the train was slightly damaged. Earlier, Vande Bharat train had met with an accident near Ahmedabad and Anand. This accident happened when a cow collided with a train near Atul in Valsad. Stones were pelted at a train in Rajkot.

The Prime Minister said, ‘One day this train will connect the whole of India.’ But in reality it seems that Vande Bharat train is connecting the whole of India with corruption. The number of special trains has increased to 68. India’s saffron colored Vande Bharat train is starting today from Kasaragod in Kerala to Thiruvananthapuram.

82 trains
Till January 31, 2024, 82 Vande Bharat trains are running in the country. Railway Minister is Ashwini Vaishnav.
Work is going on to increase the speed of these trains to 160 km per hour on New Delhi-Mumbai and New Delhi-Howrah routes. In the Lok Sabha, written answers were sought from 10 MPs regarding Vande Bharat train service. Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) and TRA

The 10,981 routes covering SA routes and other ‘B’ routes have been increased to 130.

This is a new age modern train. Vande Bharat train with sleeper class will be built. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai plans to launch the prototype next year.

Russia will make trains!
Russia’s TMH and India’s RVNL have signed an agreement to manufacture 120 sleeper variants and another 80 will be manufactured by the BHEL-Titagar Rail Systems consortium.

Vande Bharat Express tickets are priced between ₹1,052 for general and ₹1,262 for tatkal tickets in economy class (CC chair) and ₹1,869 for general and ₹2,299 for tatkal tickets in premium class (executive chair). The second ticket is up to Rs 3360.

The food is not free. A cup of tea onboard will cost you around Rs. 15 and breakfast for chair car class is Rs 15. 122 and for Executive Chair Car Rs. Cost is Rs 155. Lunch and dinner are provided to passengers for Rs 244 in Executive Chair Car coach and Rs 222 in Chair Car coach.

“Vande Sadharan” is a scam
First of all, it is cleverly named by rhyming with “Vande Bharat”, as if to show that it is a low-cost version of “Vande Bharat”, which it is not.

Why is Vande Bharat also a scam?

Modi’s Vande Bharat coach (₹6 crore)
UPA’s Shatabdi Bodh Coach (₹2.5 crore)
The maximum speed of Shatabdi WAP-5A is 200 km per hour.
The maximum speed of Vande Bharat is 180 kilometers per hour.
Many stoppages have been removed so the average speed has increased.
The fare for Shatabdi is ₹1.4 per km.
The average fare for Vande Bharat is ₹2.1 per km.

The fare of Vande Bharat for Mumbai-Ahmedabad route is almost double that of Adi double decker train.
The cost of the entire Vande Bharat trainset is Rs 120-140 crore.
The cost of the entire Shatabdi Express trainset is ₹36 crore.
Even the most expensive LHB coach costs only Rs. 1.5-2 crores, while the new ugly Vande Bharat coaches cost 3-4 times more. The price of such an ugly coach cannot be justified without price manipulation
Private companies like Medha are also making these trains not in their own factories but in ICF.
The ugly aerodynamic nose and paint are from India, everything else is imported.
An Indian-made bullet train with a speed of 360 km per hour can be purchased from Hitachi for Rs 395 crore.

Denial of scam
A top Indian Railways official has denied any scam in the construction of Train 18 named Vande Bharat Express. Recently, a preventive vigilance inspection was ordered and Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav said it was a routine procedure as a new type of train was introduced. Now Railways will manufacture 40 new Train-18.

There were allegations of not following proper procedure while purchasing electrical equipment for self-propelled trains. The ministry had received complaints of unfair favoritism to companies supplying components. Vigilance inspection is one of the reasons behind changes in electrical components.