Gujarat farmer extracts oil from waste turmeric leaves, make hydro water farm medicines

Gandhinagar, 1 January 2021

In 2021, turmeric has been planted on 4500 hectares in Gujarat. Turmeric is used in many diseases. Its oil is made from lumps. Thousands of its tons of leaves are thrown away by farmers, but Harsukh Hirapara, a farmer from Dhoraji, Gujarat, has developed a new technique to extract oil from the green leaves of turmeric plant. They extract oil from turmeric leaves and sell the oil for 500 to 900 rupees per kg.

Farmers throw away leaves or burn in the field. With the new technology, this leaves now become the best. It is not normal to remove oil from turmeric leaves. He has bested West. Extracts 1% oil from green leaves. Green leaves contain 1% oil but are lower in yellow leaves.

The color of the oil is transparent. The oil is used to make soap, for fragrance, to lighten the complexion.

Ayurvedic medicine

Oil is used to make Ayurvedic medicine.

Use in hotels food

Hotels consume the most turmeric oil. Putting oil drop of it in vegetables, rice brings out a unique aroma. This makes hotel a permanent customer. The famous hotel uses turmeric oil to get its name.

Spice industry

Many spice companies or traders of Gujarat use this oil to enhance the aroma of turmeric. It is used in good quantity in the spice industry. Turmeric powder is used to enhance the taste.

Hydro water

When making oil, it draws out water from the leaves. It is also very useful. Hydro water smells of turmeric. It can be used in food dishes.

Pesticides for the farm

Hydro water can be used in agriculture. Its water is used to eradicate fungal or fungal diseases. Its use can kill small insects or fungi. It can be sprayed directly from the pump in the field.

Turmeric is available at Rs 300 per kg, but oil is Rs 500 to Rs 900 per kg. Farmers can also sell hydro water.

If Mentha is grown in the midst of turmeric crop, farmers get good benefits.


The machine that comes to extract oil from turmeric leaves costs Rs 2.50 lakh, which is made of stainless steel. Can remove oil from 300 kg of leaf in 5 to 8 hours. 500 kg SS machine comes for 4 lakh rupees. Wood, electricity or dung gases are used as fuel.


Under the Aromatic Mission, the government provides 50 percent subsidy on machines up to Rs 5 lakhs. The government of Gujarat gives a subsidy of Rs 12500 per hectare for Ayurvedic or aromatic farming up to 4 hectares.

Farmers burn leaves

Disposal of turmeric leaves is a headache for farmers. Because the leaves have to be paid for the removal. So farmers keep it in the field and burn it on the ground when it dries. There is no income from leaves, but there are costs.

5 times more leaves than turmeric

400 grams of turmeric is produced from a plant. The weight of the leaf is 4 to 5 times that of turmeric root. After 80 percent turmeric is ripe, green leaves can be removed one week before harvest. So oil comes out good. 1600 man of leaves can be produced in an acre.

Increase production

Gujarat is backward in turmeric production. Indian Institute of Spices Research has developed a new variety, IISR PRAGATI (Pragati), short-term ripening turmeric that gives 30 percent more yield with less water. 200 to 180 days ready. Yield is 38 tonnes per hectare. Gives unimaginable production of 52 tonnes if found favorable conditions. It produces more in a controlled environment, especially in greenhouses.

Gujarat’s turmeric trade may double with the new verity. In which extracting oil leads to a 25 percent increase in income.

Farming in Gujarat

Yellow turmeric was cultivated in Gujarat in 2019 in an area of ​​4005 hectares. About 80 thousand tonnes of turmeric is produced. 2021 is 4500 to 5000 hectares. An average production of 19.70 tonnes per hectare. It may have 4 times the leaves. People of Gujarat eat turmeric powder from outside. Turmeric is mostly sold as green turmeric. While for powder, other states have to depend.

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Production of disease resistant yellow turmeric by farmers in Gujarat has been increased by 273 percent in 10 years

Benefits of turmeric

Regular consumption of turmeric does not cause 14 diseases.

There have been 56 thousand experiments on turmeric in the world.

Turmeric is used in the world’s most expensive medicine.

A chemical called curcumin also kills esophageal cancer cells.

Obesity, antiseptic, wound healing, blood purification, weight loss, fat loss, cosmetics, diabetes, urinary tract diseases, urinary tract diseases, hemorrhoids, spleen, liver, jaundice, colic, urticaria, urticaria, asthma, cough , Beneficial in cold, tonsils, sore mouth, voice, fainting, period, stomach worms, unwanted hair, stretch marks, rash, drowsiness, anemia, brain, memory.

Improves body complexion, dilutes blood, removes feces, cures itching, eliminates phlegm, bile, pineapple, anorexia, leprosy, toxin, spasm, ulcers, worms, vitiligo, indigestion.

Nausea, gas problem goes away, cholesterol remains under control, joint pain is quickly relieved, cold-cough problem Does not happen.

Roasted turmeric cures piles.

Honey or warm milk or half a teaspoon of turmeric, three teaspoons of Ardusi juice, cough with one spoon of honey, sore throat, tonsillitis, cough, sneeze.

Eating green turmeric lick cures cough, skin diseases, spasm, anemia, swelling, vitiligo, ulcer-ulcer-sores, leprosy, itching, poisoning, indigestion etc. at bedtime.

Gout is cured by taking the same with amla.

Taking turmeric, jaggery, cow urine provides relief in Elephantiasis in one year.

Most skin diseases are cured by turmeric, alum, water.

Applying turmeric, salt, water reduces swelling of the sprain.

Breast swelling disappears with turmeric, lotion paste.

Sucking with sugar improves voice, tone.

Helps eliminate toxins in a month.

Boiling with amla reduces swelling in the body.

Pure ghee gives relief from piles.

A pleasant, moisturizing powder, rose water makes acne disappear.

Multani mud, sandalwood, rose water pack removes black spots, rashes, wrinkles and makes skin beautiful.

Applying neem leaves ashes, honey or water also removes large, ripe grains like boils.

Risk in turmeric

Do as the doctor, vaidya says.

Excess turmeric is harmful.

Curcumin should not exceed 500 to 1000 mg daily. A tumor contains 200 mg.

Concurmin levels are considered appropriate for the body. 500 mg turmeric per day is appropriate.

Excess turmeric can cause stomach, bile, digestive system, diarrhea, gas, constipation, nausea, vomiting.

Blood sugar may be reduced.

If you have kidney stones, do not take it, 2% oxalate is destroyed.

Pregnant women, lactating babies, can damage the fetus.

Do not use in jaundice.

The body’s immune system may be weakened. If you are eating more than the prescribed amount of turmeric, you may have nausea or vomiting. Use the above information only after consulting a doctor.(translated from Gujarati)