Gujarat at the forefront of police atrocities, DySP JB Gadhavi sentenced to jail, gave a promotion

Gandhinagar, 24 November 2020
The state of Gujarat has the highest number of cases of detention of an innocent person by the police and illegal beating, killing entire country.

DYSP JB Gadhavi of Keshod, Junagadh, was sentenced in November 2020 to two years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000 in the case of beating of a minor in 2006. JB Gadhavi was PSI at Devgarh Baria in the year 2006. Then a young man was beaten up in the police station. He was also promoted PSI, PI to DYSP by home minidter, BJP government. Now after 13 years, the young man has got justice.

In 2019, Gujarat ranks first in arresting a total of 210 such officers. In 2019, there were 11 deaths in police custody in Tamil Nadu and 10 in Gujarat. 14 police officers were arrested by Gujarat. For 10 deaths, a judicial inquiry was ordered in four cases. Only three criminal cases were registered. Chargesheet was filed in two of them. 53 people had fled from police custody in which 37 policemen were arrested. Thus, the Gujarat Police has gone under Pradeep Jadeja, Minister of State for Home, BJP Government.

There are cases where the accused dies due to beating of the police in custody. A bribe is demanded from the person caught in the crime and if that person does not pay a bribe, they are beaten by the police. Then the accused in this case, the policemen who unfairly beat an innocent person.