What are the chances of passenger train start running from tomorrow?

The Railways has alerted that although regular passenger train services remain suspended due to lockdown, goods trains and special parcel trains continue to run to maintain supply of essential commodities across the country. This is apart from the Shramik Special Trains, as mentioned above.  Moreover, Indian Railways has announced plans to gradually restart passenger train operations from 12th May, 2020, initially with 15 pairs of trains (30 return journeys). Migrant labourers have accordingly been requested to exercise abundant caution for their personal safety.

All migrant labourers who would like to return to their home states have been requested to contact the nearest district authorities and apply, so that they may be sent to the places of their choice by Shramik Special Trains. Shramik Special Trains for stranded people are being operated over Western Railway and Central Railway jurisdictions, as well as in other zones of Indian Railways. So far, as per data up to 3 PM, 10th May, 2020, a total of 366 Shramik Special trains have been operationalized from various states across the country. Out of these, 287 trains have reached their destination and 79 trains are in transit.

Western Railway and Central Railway have both appealed to all migrant labourers and other citizens as well, to avoid walking on railway tracks for their own personal safety. Indian Railways has appealed to all migrants to have patience and don’t walk or stay for rest on or trespass railway tracks, as it is extremely dangerous as well as strictly prohibited under Railways Act.