Rupani’s talk of tap water to every house, 100 km away from CM house, take others to drink water, no tap, no well

Rupani talks about tap water to every house, people in this remote village of Ahmedabad, 100 km away from their house, take drinking water from other people, no tap, no well

Ahmedabad, 1 January 2020

For the women of the village of Ahmedabad, 100 km from the home of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, the new year of Jesus has started with difficulties. The Chief Minister of Gujarat talks about providing tap water to every household. But Scheduled Caste families in Thuleta village of Viramgam, Ahmedabad are facing difficulties for drinking water. The village is provided with piped tap water for drinking water. Water is making people uncomfortable to drink.

More than 70 percent of diseases are waterborne. Diseases caused by impure water are increasing.

Build a well

The SC well is located separately in the village. But this well has been closed for the last 20 years. Have asked several times to turn it on, but not on. So when the female go to the village for drinking water, they are not able to fill it, other castes female help and fill it with water. It is very difficult in this.

Legislator requested

In this regard, Thule Scheduled Caste Population Commission has requested the Taluka Development Officer, Deputy Collector, MLA to provide water by constructing a separate well for drinking water or providing tap water. By providing written application for

Don’t search

The chairman of the Social Justice Committee does not call the meeting. Talati occur randomly. The villagers are called Veeramgam for work. The matter was reported to the Taluka Development Officer.

Who submitted the memorandum

Kirit Rathore, Coordinator of Dalit Abhayar Manch, Navghan Parmar, District Coordinator, former sarpanch Manubhai Mahesbhai, Panchayat member Nanjibhai and other rural representatives joined.

If no action is taken in this regard, the people of the village will keep a fast in front of the taluka panchayat.

What is the condition of Gujarat?

Out of 93.03 lakh rural households in the state, 68.63 lakh households have been provided with tap connections.

It was announced that till 2020, 26.82 lakh households in the state do not have tap facilities.

Tap voters all before elections

Before the Gujarat Assembly elections, tap water – tap voters are to be provided in all houses by 2022. The first was to be provided by 2024.

11 million domestic taps in a year

It is planned to provide tap connections to 11.15 lakh households during 2020-21. In 2020, 3 lakh rural households are provided with taps. The central government has a budget of Rs 883.08 crore in 2020-21. A total of Rs 1777.56 crore will be spent for drains in the state. Gandhinagar, Botad, Vadodara, Porbandar and Mehsana have 5 districts with 100% domestic taps provided by 2020 in 12 districts.

Grant from finance commission

Gujarat has been given a Finance Commission grant of Rs 3195 crore. 50% of the amount is to be used for compulsory water supply and sanitation (water supply and sanitation).

Water through pipes in 98% of villages of Gujarat

Out of 18,191 villages in the state, 17,899 villages currently have water supply. By December 2020, 100% of the households in the other 6000 villages were to be provided with a tap connection. All the households in 5 districts have the facility of tap connection.

The Water and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO) on 13 April 2016 passed a proposal to form a 12-member water committee with 50 percent women in each gram panchayat.

Tribe is also 100 percent, why not scheduled caste

Pure drinking water will be made available in all 24 lakh households in tribal areas of Gujarat. BJP government of the state’s minority Jain community CM has never publicly stated that not a single Scheduled Caste house should be left without a tap. A village in Ahmedabad is his example. (Translated from Gujarati)