Patil’s track 2 : Patil is implementing Delhi’s plan of casticum in Gujarat

Dilip Patel
Gandhinagar, 18 April 2021
Patil has worked to evict some castes in the district panchayats and corporations. The way Madhav Singh drove some castes out of the party and out of power, Patil has done the same according to the plan of his savior Modi and Shah. The way Madhav Singh brought some castes into the circle of power and party, Bhau brought up such castes. This combination may be a bit like Patil. This plan may have been made only from Delhi.

In Gujarat for the last 20 years, the casteist politician was doing BJP with Chhup. Now the work of OBC racist equalization game is being done. Which is visible in the local choice.
The party is dying out due to the equation of power and caste disputes. The credibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to an end. It seems that both planned and Patil implemented more. 

The fact is that the new structure has changed in BJP, it will remain till 2022. This structure will be contested in the Gujarat Assembly elections in 2022. They will distribute tickets. In which BJP will be made OBC by eliminating many castes.  

BJP president a goon
People on social media are calling the BJP president a goon. After the injection incident, it is being recalled that 100 crimes have been registered against Patil. Until now, no president was seen by the people as a thug. When Amit Shah was the President of the country, common people used to address him as a thug in social media and everyday life. The same is happening now against Patil. No party president was called a goon in Gujarat. This has never happened before.
Read the comments of the people in this report. The public knows how bad Patil is.

The side-tracked leaders are not asked anything by Patil. Parsottam Rupala, Ranchhod Phaldu, Jeetu Vaghani, Bhikhubhai Dalsania, and Surendra Patel have been sidelined. The moral passion of the workers has not been permanent. Bhikhubhai has worked humbly with 4 chiefs. This does not happen with the new chief Patil. (translated from Gujarati)