Wheat germ oil is also extracted in Gujarat

Wheat germ oil is also extracted, which is rich in medicinal and magical properties.

On January 20, 2022, wheat has been sown in 12.50 lakh hectares in Gujarat. However, it is 1 lakh hectare less than last year. Although the Agriculture Department has sown more than 12.17 lakh hectares. The Agriculture Department is expecting a crop of 3918 kg per hectare. However, the Agriculture Department has estimated a total production of 39.18 lakh tonnes in 2022. 66 kg of wheat will be harvested per person. Wheat will be imported from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab. In all this, Bhalia is considered good to eat naturally occurring wheat.

It is believed that a person in Gujarat consumes 102 kg of wheat per year.
Gujarat produces 70.32 lakh tonnes of food grains in 6 major crops and 29 other crops in 16.45 lakh hectares. Out of which wheat is 39 lakh tonnes. The share of coal in the production of wheat is 38 per cent. About 50 per cent of the wheat is imported from other states. The second is rice, maize, bajra, jowar and 32 other cereals.

Bajra, jowar and maize, the staple food of the people of Gujarat, have been replaced by wheat for over 50 years. It’s like knowing a secret.

Ahmedabad has the largest area under wheat at 1.60 lakh hectares. Rajkot second and then Junagadh. Central Gujarat is known for wheat ripening. But the farmers of 7 districts of South Gujarat do not like to grow wheat.

Roti, every day we use wheat in some form or the other.

Wheat has many medicinal properties that we do not know about. Scientists at the Indian Wheat and Barley Research Institute have done some research on the medicinal properties of wheatgrass oil.

Wheat is a rich and energetic food with medicinal properties.

Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and micronutrients.

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in which oil is found. But now big flour mills are extracting wheat oil and giving it to the people. Oil is sold in the market at a good price.

A limited amount of wheat grains are used as animal feed.

wheat oil
Wheat germ oil can be obtained by cold pressing technology or by grilling process or solvent extraction. Nutritious wheat oil is a unique gift of nature. Wheat is considered an excellent source of protein, minerals, B-group vitamins and dietary fiber, which is an excellent health-building factor.

The cost of one kg of oil is around Rs 5,000.

wheat oil use

About 8-14 percent is oil. Also used as a synthetic antioxidant. Cosmetics such as lotions, anti-aging solutions, body butters, creams, moisturizers and face packs. Also used to make scented perfumes, cosmetics, scented massage oils and scented candles. Due to its aromatic properties, the demand of this oil is increasing in the market. It is the main raw material for many cosmetics companies. It had a global market share of over US 5,530 million in 2019.

The juice of the leaves of the small wheat plant is used medicinally.

It also contains small amounts of carbohydrates and vitamins, as well as B vitamins, iron and soluble fiber.

This second part of the grain also contains insoluble fiber, B vitamins, trace minerals and a small amount of protein.

Starches and proteins provide heat and energy to humans.

grain layer
14% of the outer layer is made up of bran.
The external bran helps to cleanse the large intestine. Which acts as a laxative to make stools easier to pass. Wheat protein helps in building and repairing muscle tissue. It is rich in vitamins.

Due to the high concentration of vitamins E and B in the oil, it acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin and hair. Its use also reduces dryness of skin and hair. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, which kill the bacteria causing inflammation and swelling in the skin, reducing the problem of acne, rashes and acne on the skin. It also prevents wrinkles and damage caused by free radicals.

Using wheat germ oil makes hair healthy and healthy. It does the natural conditioning of the hair, leaving the hair soft and clean. People who are suffering from hair fall are also advised to massage their scalp with the oil made from it, which reduces hair fall.

Regular consumption of wheatgrass oil gives you a healthy, long and disease free life. It prevents from many diseases. Reduces stress and makes you energetic. Therefore it is necessary to include three cups of wheat in your daily diet for a healthy life.

Wheat oil is rich in magnesium. Its regular consumption helps in controlling blood sugar levels. It is especially beneficial for diabetics.
Helps reduce the amount of fat in the body, so it can be a part of any weight loss program.
Alcohol – Octacosanol improves muscle energy. Thus, athletes tend to use more wheat germ oil.