world’s cheapest electric car can be launched soon

Ora R1: ! 351 Km will run on a single charge, the price will be only 6 lakh rupees

The demand for electric car segment in the Indian market is also increasing rapidly. Cars like Hyundai Kona and MG eZs were launched in the market last year. Apart from this, Mahindra eKUV100 was introduced during the Auto Expo this year. Now India is also preparing to launch the world’s cheapest car. China’s leading vehicle manufacturer Great Wall Motor has made an official entry into India. It is reported that the company will also introduce its cheapest electric car Ora R1.

This car was first introduced by the company at the past Auto Expo. Adorned with a very attractive look and small electric motor, the price of this car will also be extremely low. Experts believe that the price of this car will be around 8,600 US dollars. Accordingly, its price will be around Rs 6.2 lakh in Indian currency. Right now, the price of electric cars will be much lower than those present in the market here.

The look and design of the Ora R1 is superb. In this, the company has used lightweight body metal which keeps the weight of the car to a minimum. The total weight of this car is just 990 kg, in general the cars weigh more than 1000 kg. The company has used an electric motor of 35KW capacity in this car. Once charged, the car offers a driving range of up to 351 km.

The charging port is provided in its front grill itself, the special thing is that it can also be charged with a normal domestic charger. The company has also included connectivity features in the Ora R1. This car will be equipped with facilities like Wi-Fi. Currently, the company has introduced the concept version of this car, soon its production version will also be revealed. If all goes well, the company will also introduce this small electric car Ora R1 in the Indian market.