Mellocker randomware virus hacks mobile phone, Microsoft warns

Microsoft has issued a warning to all Android phone users about the dangers of ransomware. According to Microsoft, ransomware called MalLocker is spreading through online forums and websites.

This ransomware is hidden inside an Android app. So there is a danger of this ransomware while downloading the app from the website. This ransomware does not encrypt the data of the phone. But it freezes the screen of the phone. The user gets a message in the name of law enforcement agency.

A certain amount of ransom is required to unlock the screen of the phone. This ransomware uses call notifications. It is activated when an incoming call is received on the phone. Freezes.

Microsoft says that the code for this ransomware is simple and can be easily sent to Android phones. Therefore, to avoid ransomware, Microsoft has advised not to download the app from an unknown source or third party source. .This ransomware will pave the way for hackers to create new ransomware and malware.