1 crore people covered in Seva Setu Programme

Government launched the phase-4 of the state-wide Seva Setu programme from Dhadhela village in Limkheda taluka of Dahod district to provide benefits of 55 schemes related to 13 government departments at the doorstep of the people, eliminating the middlemen, touts.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani, Seva Setu camp distributed assistance and certificates to the beneficiaries. About 2,000 people from Dhadela and ten nearby villages were served at the Seva Setu camp.
Government launched the state-wide ‘kharwa-movasa’ vaccine drive at the animal medical camp arranged at the venue of Seva Setu programme.
Rupani said that one crore people have been benefitted during the first three phases of the Seva Setu programme in the state. It is being implemented at a single place, forming clusters of 8-10 villages at each venue. The government thus plans to cover all the 18,000 villages in the state.
He said that his government is concerned about the poor, oppressed, exploited, have-nots and the tribal, and solving their problems through transparent means. The government adopts a compassionate attitude towards the animals, too.
Rupani said that his government would fully support Central Government’s scheme for social-economic-educational development of the Dahod district under ‘Akansha Zila’ scheme and develop it into one of the best districts, like starting a medical college at Dahod. The government has already provided houses to 12,000 as against target of 18,000