10 lakh factory workers were pushed out of Gujarat by 700 trains

Gandhinagar, May 22, 2020

633 trains were run for workers in the state
10 lakh workers were sent to the state
A maximum of 71 trains were dispatched yesterday
Plan to send more workers home by 64 more trains today
By tonight, 697 trains will send 10.20 lakh workers
So far 23 thousand people have undergone medical checkup by Dhanvantari Rath
Operation in 14 wards of Ahmedabad by Dhanwantari Rath
The state had the highest number of 633 labor special trains for overseas workers. The train sent 9.18 lakh workers home late at night. Supply Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that the highest number of 91 trains was operated yesterday. It is planned to send more workers home today by 64 trains. Then 697 trains will run till tonight .. through which more than 1 million workers are being sent home.
Dhanvantari Raths have been started in 14 wards of Ahmedabad. Out of which medical checkup of 23 thousand people has been done so far.

ST service was started in the state from Wednesday
ST service has been started in the state from Wednesday. Then Supply Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that the general service of ST in the state has been started for the public. In one day, ST’s 46 express trees were started. The state benefited about 24,000 passengers in a single day. Passengers coming to ST were provided with travel facility with all the conditions of the state government.

The workers are going home from Ahmedabad by 5 to 6 trains every day
Regarding sending workers from Ahmedabad to their hometowns, the district collector said. So far, more than 1.5 lakh workers have been repatriated. Every day 3 to 6 trains are going home to the workers. Not only UP, Bihar but all the workers from different states are being sent home.
State Supply Secretary Ashwini Kumar said.