Locust terror: Locust swarms reach Bhavnagar district after Surendranagar

Gandhinagar, May 21, 2020

While the Corona epidemic is still raging in the state, the world is in dire straits due to the infestation of locusts. Invasion of this pest has been observed in Gujarat.

A swarm of locusts descended on the fields

Locust swarms found in North Gujarat have now reached Bhavnagar district. In Bhavnagar’s Vallabhipur’s Nasitpur, as well as in the large Dharai village, a swarm of locusts suddenly descended on the fields at night. Concern has spread among the farmers as swarms of locusts strike in the fields.

Morbi: Locusts start operations in Halwad

Once more locusts have invaded. A swarm of locusts has appeared in Morbi’s Halwad. So the drug has been sprayed in the Rankantha area. 45 liters of the drug has been sprayed in Isanpur and Malniad villages. In which the drug has been sprayed by the fire team.

As the locusts struck Mahisagar district on the border of Rajasthan and spread to MP from a distance of 40 km, the crisis of the farmers has been averted so far.

Locust swarm from Khanpur to Gol village of Dungarpur: Crisis not over, possibility of strike at any time

Khanpur taluka of Mahisagar district, which is close to Vadodara, Kheda, Panchmahal and Dahod districts, is adjacent to the border of Rajasthan. He held meetings with farmers and suggested ways to deal with locusts.

According to the details received, the swarm of locusts moved towards Mahisagar district and reached Gol village of Dungarpur, 40 km away from Khanpur taluka. So the farmers there also confronted the locusts. The locust crisis is over.

In this regard, Assistant Agriculture Officer Sumitbhai said that even though the locusts have turned to Madhya Pradesh, the transplantation of locusts is being monitored by the agriculture system.