Death city Ahmedabad , Jamalpur is JamLok

134 deaths in last 06 days – 30% of total cases and 45% of deaths reported in five days of

May 2020 in Ahmedabad.

Deaths in Ahmedabad city have doubled in 6 days. The whole of Ahmedabad is living under danger. 4358 cases of corona have been confirmed. 269 ​​patients have died.

Jamalpur is Jam-Lok

The highest death toll is reported in the central zone. The death toll in the Jamalpur ward of the central zone has risen to 80. In Ahmedabad city, there has been an increase in the doubling of corona positive cases. The death rate in Jamalpur, the highest risk ward in the country and the city, has reached 11 percent. The death rate a week ago was around eight percent.
The death rate in Bodakdev and Naranpura areas is more than 11 percent.

The case doubling ratio is 10 days.
The first death from corona occurred on March 26, 2020. In the 35 days from March 26 to April 29, 135 people died from the corona. The total number of corona patients at that time was 2843. The mortality rate was 4.74 percent.

134 deaths in 6 days
In just six days after that, Corona’s case and death have exploded. A total of 134 patient deaths have been reported from April 30 to May 5. The statistics are shocking and alarming. Because as many deaths occurred in 35 days, the same number of deaths occurred in just 06 days.

Ahmedabad’s mortality rate is 6.12 percent. There has been an unusual increase in mortality in 06 days.

April 30, 248 cases and 12 deaths,
267 cases and 16 deaths on May 1,
May 2, 243 cases and 20 deaths,
May 3 has 270 cases and 21 deaths,
26 deaths against 251 cases on 4 May
As of May 5, there are 336 cases and 39 deaths.
Thus, 1615 cases and 134 deaths have occurred in the last 06 days. As well, the death rate has risen to 8.29 percent.

In the first five days of May 1367 cases and 122 deaths were reported in Ahmedabad.

Of the total cases, 31 percent cases and 45 percent deaths were reported in May alone.