100 years have passed for Gandhi’s Khadi, no Khadi remains

It was planned to make the villages self-sufficient by liberating the country through Gandhiji’s textile home industry. Which has been completed 100 years. If Gandhiji’s plan had succeeded, in Gujarat today 30 lakh people would have woven khadi cloth. Which would have wore 30 million meters of khadi cloth every day. But Gandhi’s plan for Khadi has been turned upside down. In Gujarat today, only 5 thousand people sell cloth 171 in the name of Khadi with a rope made in the mill. The weeding of khadi is now almost completely stopped. On August 15, the details of the Khadi industry in Swaraj and Azadi are staggering.

Thus, Gandhi’s dream has been snapped up by politicians and officials of Gujarat. The farmers of Gujarat have shown that by producing one crore cotton bales, they have produced a huge amount of cash. But government schemes have destroyed the Khadi era.

What was Gandhiji’s dream?

In 1908, Gandhi wrote and believed that Hindustan poverty could be eradicated and freedom could be achieved in the book ‘Hind Swaraj’. Since then, they have been looking for renters. He was reunited 10 years later in 1917-18. The rental was discovered in the then Vijapur town of Gaikwad state. Find out who worked with a widow named Gangaben. Bapu wore the khadi of Vijapur. Vijapur’s khadi kalabala had increased. Magnalal Gandhi undertook renovation work in the ashram, renovated the rantias, and rantias and terracottas became ashram. Gandhiji believed that hunger was often the only way to get Swaraj on that road.

Gandhiji completed his autobiography by searching for Khadi. It means that he considered Khadi in India as a weapon of independence. He wanted to liberate himself from the fury. Now the same Khadi institutions were selling land worth crores of rupees. Insects were fighting inside.

What is the state of Khadi today?

About 70% of Gujarat’s khadi-weaving organizations are located in Surendranagar district only. The Central Government believes that Khadi employs 1.5 lakh people in India. 111 million square meters are woven into the Khadi country.

How many khadi weavers?

There are 16,384 Khadi craftsmen in the government’s book in Gujarat. Now, 5,000 craftsmen are actually making khadi (through the mill line) as these artisans are going extinct. More than 11,000 people are not getting jobs in Gujarat. The amount of government assistance is not used properly.

In Gujarat, 171 khadi bodies are made of khaki cloth in the true sense. They have Khadi craftsmen. The rest of the institutions should hand-pick the Aunts prepared in Chardha.

How much labor

Manufacturing of cotton yarn from Rooney Pooni is Rs. 5.5 Given to the spinner. It needs to be given a slight increase. Apart from labor, the state government has paid Rs. Offers 3 additional help. Weaving cloths on hand tools cost Rs. 20 get paid. On weaving, the government will pay Rs one meter. 6 returns. Rupees are being deposited in the name of Khadi in the wrong bank account of Khadi weavers.

An average person who spins a can of spinach can spin an average of 30 a day. According to which, the cost of spinning Rs. 255 can receive labor. One person wears an average of 10 meters of cloth a day. Thus this is the best tool to eliminate unemployment. But it is the duty of the institutions to provide adequate compensation to the people. It is still possible that Gandhiji had to strengthen the weaving of the economy of the villages. There is now a huge demand for natural fabrics.

Rooney Pune’s Paul

A cotton wool made from cotton at the Khadi and Village Industries Commission’s (K.V.I.S.) plant is sent to Surendranagar Museum, Khadi Board in Gujarat. The Khadi congregation has to give 20 percent of it. After the sale of Khadi, the remaining 80% is to be paid. Artisans, carpenters and handicrafts are all on paper. Puri is given in the mill. Gujarat government has not investigated the subsidy and rebate. There are only 20 to 30 companies that buy from 200 to 300 rupees. The remaining 171 companies, like the private firm, sell mill cloth as khadi. Now the Bhutia keep artisans.

Gandhi scammed in the name of Gandhi after doing 5 months of work in 15 days

Gujarat Government has allocated Rs. 34 to 34 institutions for procuring khadi for uniform in schools. A contract of 1.50 lakh meters of khadi cloth was given for 2.48 crore. The Education Department and the Khadi Board gave the work on August 16, 2018 and in 15 days all the cloths were given away by the government. Which actually happens to be hand-woven 5 to 6 women doing all the artisan work in Gujarat. It is also alleged that the mill’s poly cloth was given to the government at a higher price. Weaving cloth by hand, the cloth of a shirt costs Rs. 184 and Rs. 200 a meter was paid by the Government of Gujarat. In fact mill cloth can be found at Rs. 30 to 60 m. High prices were given in the name of Khadi. If Gujarat had 20 thousand craftsmen weavers, this would not have to be done.

Mill cloth is being given in the name of Khadi. In the name of Gandhiji, corruption is on the rise.