Farmers beat thali to Rupani government, Chief Minister lied about paying compensation in 80 talukas

Vijay Rupani
Vijay Rupani

Dwarka, 23 November 2020

No one has come for a month to assess the damage crope caused to farmers in Gujarat’s farms, because late rain . There is no proposal in the state government. No one has come to the farmers’ field to conduct any survey with the state government. So how long will farmers keep this rotten crop?

Farmer leader Palbhai Ambli said that farmers will have to sow winter crops too. Farmers need money for this new plantation. Then, as announced by the government, 80 talukas should be included in the Chief Minister Kisan Sahay Yojana. Farmers are demanding compensation as per rules for the losses suffered by farmers.

On August 10, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced that we are canceling the Pradhan Mantri Vima Yojana for the current year’s Kharif season. Chief Minister Kisan Sahayata Yojana has been implemented instead.

Today it has been a month that is more than 2 inches rain. The farmers of Kalyanpur taluka have not been compensated for at least 50% to 100% loss of kharif crop.

When the scheme was implemented, i.e. until 10 August, farmers deposited premiums in banks as per the rules of the scheme (1 April to 31 July). It was quashed by a unilateral decision without the consent of the farmers.

According to the terms and conditions of the Mukhyamantri Kisan Sahay Yojana, if 50 mm i.e. 2 inches or more of rain falls in 48 consecutive hours during the period from October 15 to November 15, it is considered as Mavathu.

The proposal is to be sent by the District Collector to the State Government within 7 days. Within 7 days, the state government had to take a decision and inform the DDO. In 15 days, if the loss reported is 33% to 60%, then compensation of Rs 20,000 per hectare will have to be paid.

A maximum of 4 hectares i.e. Rs 80,000 has to be paid as compensation for crop damage and if the loss is more than 60%, maximum of Rs 25,000 will have to be paid as compensation for crop damage up to Rs 25 lakh per hectare. is.

In Kalyanpur taluka, 30 mm rain on 20 October 2020 and 43 mm rain on 22 October 2020, 73 mm rain was recorded by the raengage in 48 consecutive hours at the taluka center.

An application form addressed to the Chief Minister was handed over to Kalyanpur Mamlatdar by the Ranavat and Kalyanpur Taluka Committee. Palbhai Ambalia said this.