What is the helplessness of Rupani and Patil, Mahendra Bahubali is scared of MLA


Gandhinagar, 8 February 2021

Bahubali BJP leader, Mahendra Kumar – Madhu Srivastava, a six-time MLA from Waghodia, fielded his son Deepak Srivastava for the third time candidature as an Independent. Although Madhu Srivastava has challenged BJP state president CR Patil to register as an Independent, the party is silent.

He retained his son Deepak as an independent candidate 10 years ago to defeat the BJP in the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Even after that, the party did not take any action against him. The BJP had to give Deepak a ticket. Deepak got the highest number of votes from ward number 15 in Vadodara. He was the second largest vote winner of Gujarat.

Deepak has 3 children. If there are 3 children, he cannot contest elections, as per Gujarat law. Still he is contesting elections.

BJP’s helplessness

BJP’s helplessness is controversial MLA Madhu Srivastava. Many crimes have been registered against him. Yet the BJP made him MLA for the sixth time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has been supportive of Mahendra Shrivastava.

Srivastava first became an MLA in 1994. He has been charged with harassing, threatening and beating officers.

Crime in Wadi Police

Srivastava born in Vadodara, is origin from Uttar Pradesh. The Wadi police had registered a case in several insidence. In which he was not convicted in the many case. The police were constantly looking for him in fights, riots and communal riots. Several crimes have been registered against him in the police book.

Came into politics to escape from the police

He became a corporator and then an MLA so that the police would not arrest him. Thus he became an MLA to keep the law in his pocket. Despite being involved in many crimes, Narendra Modi and BJP encouraged him.

He has been saying in every election that the police should not arrest him, so he has come into politics. People defeated him when he contested the first election. But then BJP gave ticket in second election and won.


National Security Act, PASA

Complaints were registered against him under the National Security Act, PASA. He is so powerful that he has not been sentenced by the police in the most of case.

Declaration of father

The teacher made it a monitor. After passing SSC, the police were constantly searching for him. From an early age, he used to attack people. The Vadodara police used to arrest him on the charges since childhood.

Used to kill people at a young age. The school had built a monitor. There were communal riots in the farm. They kept horses and took out swords. When people found him, the parents declared that their son was not theirs. His father was in the army.

Used to sleep in the cemetery

Even today, Madhu Srivastava says openly in front of the TV camera that I was sleeping in several cemeteries when police searched him.

Be clear as soon as you join BJP

Thus, despite being involved in many crimes, BJP leaders believe that becoming a corporator and becoming an MLA is way to improve. Who have become infuriated like Ganga as soon as they join BJP.

Temple land

BJP’s Madhu Srivastava has been accused of expelling Siddhanath Mahadev’s land in Khatamba village. In Gaikwad Raj, a temple priest was given land in the name of Siddhanath Mahadev. The record has been tampered with. The name of Siddhanath Mahadev was removed and the name of the priest Bhagwanpuri Govindpuri was put on the land. The condition of the land was that the land could not be held in anyone’s name, yet the law has been broken. The name of the priest was first recorded. The name of the priest was removed and a will was given to MLA Mahendra Kumar alias Madhu Srivastava from 19 March 1993. And Madhu Srivastava is accused of becoming a farmer on the basis of a will.

Farmer scam

He became a farmer on the basis of a will. There is a law in Gujarat that one who is not a farmer cannot become a farmer. It has now become a national highway on land. Now 4 thousand square feet of land is left. There is a big scam in Gujarat on the basis of document-Vasiyat to become a farmer. Which has mostly builders. Many such builders have become farmers in Vadodara. Despite the complaint to the IGP, no action was taken against Bahubali on 9 July 2020.

Modi appointed chairman of dairy

The BJP has captured 33 district cooperative dairies one after the other. Which includes Amul and Mehsana Dairy. Similarly, the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi called Srivastava and said that you are going to bring Vadodara dairy to BJP and hoist the saffron flag. Thus, at Modi’s behest, he acquired Vadodara Dairy. With the choice of dairy color, tiles have also made saffron. In this way, he has been receiving Modi’s encouragement repeatedly. He fired with a revolver at the Baroda Dairy. A crime was registered against him.

Heroes in movies

He himself has made two films. In which the hero is Madhu Srivastava. Even though the film did not work, he showed the film to the people of Vaghodia for free. Vadodara Municipality provided a free hall for film making. The fare of Deendayal Hall is 40 thousand.

14 offenses

Madhu Srivastava goes to fight for rights, to kill. They do not solicit officials but talk of beating. Several officers have been killed. The Municipal Commissioner of Vadodara Municipal Corporation was slapped twice. Subsequently, Vadodara Municipal Commissioner registered 14 offenses against him.

Weapons in public

Walk in the Vadi area of ​​Vadodara with weapons. Had a sword The MLA carries the gun after it is made. Took a gun license that can be carried all over India. Then the revolver is taken. Did firing in Dairy election. A crime was registered against him. Anger comes every 10 minutes. People have beaten a lot. Do not be afraid to kill or die. Keep threatening to beaten. He himself admits that it is not certain whether he will return home alive in the evening.

To become MP on Modi’s seat

The party had sought MP’s ticket for Vadodara seat in the 2019 Lok Sabha. He wanted to capture the Vadodara seat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has such a close relationship with Modi. On not getting the ticket, he demanded Rupani to make him a minister. But he has been made the chairman of the Corporation of Agriculture Department.

Beaten journalists

Journalists were beaten in January 2020. The camera tried to pull. Threatened to cut TV wires in Vadodara city.

Threats for not voting

In Waghodia, in 2017, he directly threatened voters that if the Lotus vote does not come out in your constituency, they will see it. Lotus should every booth.

When asked by journalists, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani went silent instead of answering about his MLA’s. He threatened in front of the camera, “Open your ears and listen that you are illegally to GIDC.” Complaints were filed but the Election Commission did nothing after 2017.

Confession of alcoholism

Srivastava, phone by calling Raju Odedra, a citizen of Porbandar. In the audio tape released by Rajubhai, he made fun of prohibition. In the audio, Srivastava said that I am talking after drinking alcohol at 10 am. They drink forever. They are always drunk.

Also, Vijay Rupani has not taken any action against his MLA Mahendra Shrivastava. Even if they are making fun of prohibition. There is a strict shutdown in Gujarat. No action was taken by the party. Still the party did not take any step. The party is not ready to lose even one seat. His activity has been encouraged by Narendra Modi and Vijay Rupani. Local people have opposed Shrivastava in every election. Yet Modi and Rupani have made him an MLA every time in elections.

20 crore project

They are constructing  Rs 20 crore project with a Rs 1.5 crore Bajrang Bali statue. His family goddess is Kalka Mata. But he goes to Human and apologizes for his crimes. Hanuman goes to the temple on winning the election.

Billions of assets from torn shorts

A person wearing shorts has enough money and property to eat for 7 generations. There is so much wealth that families can eat up to 200 years in 7 generations. They have declared this themselves. However, the Income Tax Department did not ask him where the funds came from, what are his sources of income. ( translated from Guarati )