Recruitment scam of 50,000 employees in Gujarat.

How, BJP recruitment scam, Modi, Patel, Rupani are responsible ? Read On December 16, 2018, ALLGUJARATNEWS announced a recruitment scam of 50,000 employees in Gujarat. Congress allegations on this issue yesterday, 13 Feb 2020.


Gandhinagar, 14 February 2020

The state government had recruited 1,500 Talati in 2014. The recruitment had to be canceled on July 4, 2015, as it was a multi-crore scam. 8 lakh unemployed youth appeared in the exam. In which Nisal Shah of Ahmedabad was arrested and seized by a candidate for Rs.10 lakh. Rs.1.43 crore cash was seized from him. The government was announcing that Kalyan Singh Champawat was running the Gandhinagar Smart Training Center, the main accused in the scam. But the accused was saying that the main scam was in the state government minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama. He was charged by the police at the behest of the government. The candidates who pass through the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Panchayat are also setting in and not only that, but when the Talati scandal came out in 2014, they were told that Rs. A candidate with a guarantee of Rs. 1 lakh and thereafter Rs. Taking 10 lakhs. He alleged that Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has given the whole conspiracy as he could get Banaskantha ticket. Ever since the BJP government came to Gujarat, scams have been conducted in every exam.

Such recruitment of 50 thousand employees

Kalyan Singh Champawat told reporters at the press conference that 50,000 employees have been illegally landed in various places in the government of Gujarat, saying that after 2001, 50 thousand people have been illegally recruited. For which 1 lakh to 10 lakh rupees has been recovered from one candidate. Like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat has a business scam. I passed Rs. 5 crores. Relatives of ministers are acting as brokers. Talati result is delayed only for setting. On February 15, 2015, for the Talati examination, the final recruitment was canceled on July 4, 2016. The reason for not giving the result for a year and a half is not yet understood. In the name of the election fund, the BJP government collects money on recruitment. Ever since the BJP government came to Gujarat, scams have been conducted in every exam and 40% to 50% of the recruitment done by 2016 has gone wrong. He has given a wrong job by giving more than 50,000 to the government. Champawat said he had worked for BJP and RSS for 25 years. Due to my increasing size and the sabarkantha Lok Sabha seat, I have been enticed. The police have no evidence against me. The 164 statements were incorrectly written. He also has audio video recordings and other evidence to prove himself. Which will announce it shortly. If anything happens to me in the meantime, Bhupinder Singh Chudasama and Anandiben Patel will be responsible for that.

Talati recruitment scam of Rs 10 thousand crore

A rally of Aam Aadmi Party was held across the state including Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad. Thus, the Aam Aadmi Party demanded an investigation by SIT to ensure fair and impartial investigation into the estimated 10,000 crore coastal recruitment scam in Gujarat. Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama should quit till the investigation is completed, demanding his resignation. Talati scandal was suspected of involvement of several major BJP leaders. Recently, Kalyan Singh Champawat, who is the main accused, himself a member of RSS and the Bharatiya Janata Party, has openly declared that there has been corruption in recruitment of more than 50,000 employees by BJP ministers across the state. The recruitment amounted to more than Rs 10,000 crore. State Education Minister Bhupinder Singh Chudasama demanded a large sum of money from him and threatened to imprison him if the party was not given funds. The scandal also involved the then Chief Minister of the state, Anandiben Patel. Although investigating officers have been introduced to the issue in this regard, proper investigation is not being done. Not only did the BJP government corrupt crores of rupees through talati recruitment, but it played a role in the career of millions of unemployed youths in the state. BJP has made the state a base for corruption. If there is still some shame in the Bharatiya Janata Party, then the resignation of Education Minister Bhupinder Singh and the entire chapter should be examined by the SIT, respecting the demands of the people and thus the Aam Aadmi Party.

Teacher recruitment scandal

On July 29, 2018, 1.47 lakh candidates appeared in the Teacher Aptitude Test (TAT-TAT) exam for teachers in secondary schools to be a teacher in the school. The papers of the TAT test taken were leaked the previous day and the candidates were believed to have taken Rs 5-7 lakh. Arvind Patel, an out-of-state gang leader from the Board of Education, was also accused of being involved. By giving money in place of hardworking students, the fate of millions of students became teachers. With the coming of one more education scandal, there is a problem with the Romanian government. Even the police system is not ready to investigate. 48 candidates from Arvalli and Kheda districts bought paper for Rs 5-7 lakh from criminals like Arvind Patel and solved the paper at a hotel near Chiloda and Koba in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar at night. The hotel destroyed evidence of CCTV footage. He was not investigated by the police. The State Examination Board did not want to take any action. The Panchal girl made a mistake and the scandal was out but the police did not take the statements of such candidates till 5 December 2018. The paper was leaked on July 8 by Ashok Patel of Aravalli district. Two other people are also involved with this teacher.

Job scam with disability certificates

Many of Arvind Patel’s relatives have been seizing the government’s salary for years on false certificates of sports and disability. The police have not been prosecuted. People around Arvind who work in the school say they give papers, false sports certificates and disability certificates. Many people have been hired on false certificates. In the past, he has done business with crores of false certificates of sports and disability.

Hardik Patel charged

PAAS leader Hardik Patel alleged that he had appeared for the Talati recruit in 2014. According to Hardik, Kalyan Singh Champawate was demanding money from him during the Talati examination. Champawat & Company has made a total of Rs. 40 lakhs was demanded. His sister and another friend demanded Rs 13 lakh to pass. The paper was asked to write in the ANS B side.

LRD recruitment scam

In April 2017, the Head-Quarter’s Police Inspector and his team recruited 138 youths. Prior to the appointment, permission of the superior officer was obtained. The matter came to the attention of Police Commissioner Satish Sharma and he took the matter seriously and ordered an immediate investigation. At the end of the investigation, 138 youths were recruited without permission, the police commissioner canceled all 138 youths with immediate effect. About 15 young people from GRD deposited more money during the blockade; honorary wages of two or three youths were deposited in one youth’s account, adequate training was provided after selection of youths, some supposed youths were kept in a police station for years.

Shrimp constable’s recruitment scam

In the recruitment of 3,000 lockers for the State Police Reserve Force (SRP) by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board, 37 candidates were selected who were in low elevation. They are still on duty today.

Talati recruiting scandal

Details came out on January 2, 2017, alleging a scandal in the recruitment of a Talati minister in Surendranagar district’s Patdi against Rs 3.94 lakh against three persons, including the wife of a large Gaja leader. Initially, it was found that five people were still victims of the recruitment scam. 33 people had 69 lakhs.

A recruitment scam of 400 employees at a government farming bank

Gujarat Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (farming bank) has filed a petition before the High Court alleging scam in the recruitment of more than 400 clerks. The 17 directors of the bank insisted on appointing 20-20 persons of their choice for 400 seats. The whole controversy came out after a chartered accountant refused to sign the interview panel’s list and signed it. Interviews were held at Ahmedabad Head Office besides Rajkot, Bharuch, Central and North Gujarat for the appointment of employees. Registrar of the Co-operation Department was also informed about the incident and made representations, who have not taken any action against it.

Recruitment of disabled teacher reserve scam

On June 7, 2018, the scam of becoming a teacher was revealed in Kutch by submitting false certificates of Khod Khapani. There were complaints against 7 teachers in the state, including 4 in the district, for malpractices in the recruitment of Vidya Sahayas in primary schools. This recruitment took place in 2017. False certificates were issued by the hospital. Member Secretary of Gujarat State Primary Education Selection Committee Mahesh Kumar Rawal lodged a complaint at Gandhinagar Sector 21 police station. Applications were sought from the candidates who passed the TAT-1 exam for the vacant 1300 vacant posts of Class 1 to VII. Jobs were given in the reserved category by presenting certificates of having low vision.

BJP’s new type of recruitment scam

Political leaders are finding new ways to scam. BJP corporator Naveen Parmar announced on the occasion of an employee recruitment scandal in BJP regime in Mehsana Municipal Corporation in 2015. In Mehsana Municipality, the Supreme Court has ordered 206 out of 258 cleaning staff to be made permanent. According to which 206 cleaning workers were recruited. But the BJP leaders of that time had made it to the slum and even those who were supposed to be included in the list. In fact, he was not a cleaning worker, even though he was given temporary job orders by being considered a temporary cleaning worker. Instead of 206 cleaning staff, 74 bogus people were made clerks in the office instead of giving them cleaning jobs. There was a call from Rs 20 to 30 lakh for a place.

Multiple scams

Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said, “In the last 10 years in the state, the secondary service selection boards and the panchayat service selection boards have been involved in massive recruitment scams. In the BJP regime, most government jobs were scammed by recruitment through malpractice and economic transactions. The teacher recruitment scandal in the state is also widespread and widespread. BJP is facing a series of government job hiring scandals in the government. Large recruitment scandal at Anand in recruitment of HTAT, Tribal Development standard – scam in recruitment of 6-8 students, several times in the merit of recruitment of students, Nursing, Multipurpose Health Worker, Talati, Class 3 and 4 recruitment clerk, Sachta Clark. Despite the State Government getting many complaints regarding the arrangement of jobs through certificates, fake designation, the right people get justice. The government is working to protect those scammers.

Bank recruitment scam in Gujarat

After examining the recruitment of clerical staff in the State Bank of India in 2014, 700 candidates were invited to interview for various branches of Gujarat in June 2015. More than 300 candidates did not come to visit. He feared that his rent would explode. Of the people who have been interviewed and appointments have been filed, a complaint was filed against two such candidates at Saintej Police Station in Ahmedabad. When some candidates arrived at the local head office at Lala Darwaza at State Bank of Ahmedabad to give an oral interview, officials found more than 20 candidates suspicious. Some did not get the thumb impression. A complaint was filed against the two candidates at the local police station by the bank.

(Dilip Patel)

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