Appointment of honest leader CR Patel as NCP Gujarat state vice president and Saurashtra division in-charge

Gandhinagar, 2 September 2020

In the Nationalist Congress Party, CR Patel has been appointed as the Vice President of Gujarat Pradesh and in-charge of Saurashtra region. CR Patil of BJP against NCPs CR Patel has appointed. National President of NCP, Sharad Pawar has started organizing to strengthen NCP in Gujarat. All four leading political party Congress, AAP, BJP, NCP appointed Patidar as vice-president.

CR Patel comes from a very strict nationalist family of Saurashtra. He has very wide experience of active politics. He held various positions in the Congress party for nearly four decades. He has served as in charge of every district of Saurashtra and in charge of Rajkot Municipal Corporation. Apart from this, during the drought, very good work was done under the auspices of Gujarat Relief Committee.

C R Patel । NCP । Congress । AGN । । Gujarati News ।
C R Patel । NCP । Congress । AGN । । Gujarati News ।

After such a bright political journey, C. R. Patel has been appointed by NCP as vice-president and in-charge of Saurashtra. With his appointment, NCP his political experience and efforts will further strengthen Saurashtra. Will attract voters from Congress, BJP and Am Adami Party to NCP..

Gujarat is going to hold by-elections for 5 seats of Saurashtra Legislative Assembly. They rely on securing votes. The NCP’s position will be strong, especially as a dispute between the BJP and Congress candidates will slow the by-election advantage for all seats including Morbi. In such circumstances, the role and guidance of CR Patel would be very important. NCP has fielded CR Patel in front of BJP’s CR Patil.

He is an expert in election mathematics and organizing victory strategies. Many Congress leaders had a strategy to win the election by him.

Gujarat Pradesh President Jayant Patel (Bosky) of the Nationalist Congress Party has appointed with the permission of National President Sharad Pawar and the instructions and orders of the state in-charge of Gujarat Praful Patel. There is a feeling of happiness in the workers. He also wished NCP success in its mission to strengthen the organization.