20 years delay in Ahmedabad Metro, lifeline to win elections

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 23 September 2022

The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi is coming to Ahmedabad once again on 30 September 2022 to start half the line of Ahmedabad Metro Rail. Earlier, half the line was opened in the last election. Ahmedabad Metro Rail rates come to the fore in Election. The Ahmedabad Metro, has become the lifeline for the BJP.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had given proposal to then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, but he refused. Now due to heavy expenditure, every passenger has to pay as well as small car for the metro rail of Ahmedabad. Due to the delay of 20 years, the cost of the project has increased manifold. The half metro line was introduced in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. After starting the half line in the 2022 Gujarat assembly elections. Now one line will start full.

The same line up to Gandhinagar can be started halfway till the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and can be completed by the 2026 assembly elections.

The 100 km metro line for Dholera Smart City may never start, it seems. Because Dholera will not become a city.

During the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections, votes were taken in the name of development on the pretext of soil testing on Ashram Road from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad. The votes were sought after the foundation of the Metro in 2012. The same was done in 2017 as well. This is the metro line to win the elections of 20 years of Modi and BJP governments. Metro is Modi’s a political life line.

If 10 lakh passengers travel daily, then buying small cars for Rs.2 lakh from the cost of metro can be a win-win. The total cost of metro rail is approaching 20 thousand crores. In 2003, the project of Metrorail was fixed at Rs 3500 crore.

The metro rail project between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad city is nowhere in sight even after 20 years due to the incompetence of the four chief ministers of the BJP government. Half the line started in 2019. Now in a few days, Modi is going to start half the line. A line is going to start like this.

During the time of former Chief Minister Anandiben Patel, the speed of metro rail had increased. But ever since Chief Minister Vijay Rupani took over, he had proved to be directionless.


Dream of metro rail when elections come

There were promises to start metro rail in Ahmedabad, Dholera, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Gandhinagar.

Manmohan Singh’s government offered funds and technology for the metro rail in Ahmedabad when Modi was the chief minister. But Narendra Modi did not accept. Modi accepted the BRTS project. Since then, whenever elections come, I remember Metro Rail. After the votes are cast, they are passed and then the project is closed. 200 crores were spent in this project during the time of Modi being the chief pradhan.

How much does it cost to buy a car

The failed ex. Rupani government of the state had a direct instruction from the Center that the work of metro rail should be completed in 2018. But till now only six kilometre metro rail has started, that too was started by Anandiben.

In 2003, the project of Metrorail was fixed at Rs 3500 crore.

In 2007 Rs. 8000 crores. In 2014, the project of Metrorail was Rs 10773 crore. The cost of the metro project has increased to Rs 17,087 crore in 2020. If completed in two years, it will be Rs 20,000 crore.

The mega company has promised to complete the Ahmedabad Metrorail project in September 2022. which cannot be accomplished. The project will become a metro at the cost of buying a car worth Rs 2 lakh from the pockets of 10 lakh people of Ahmedabad and Gandhidar.

Modi’s entire metro is not running even after 20 years of delay.

The first phase of the Ahmedabad Metrorail project was to be completed by 2020. 2022 is about to end but it is not over yet.

The Gujarat government of BJP had promised the people in the assembly that the work of Ahmedabad Metro Rail would be completed by the end of 2020. People of Ahmedabad will get to travel in Metro Rail. However, this did not happen. It’s been 20 years now.

Metro Rail is running late by 15 years. When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked Modi for Metro, the Metro was rejected and he chose BRTS. So, this project is running late by 15 years. By removing the 56-inch chest, no one can tell when it will end.

The department has said that a total of 554 families have been affected by Metrorail in Ahmedabad, out of which 450 families have been given EWS houses and 104 families have been given compensation. The Urban Development Department has spent Rs 45.08 crore for these families. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in Metrorail and progress is slow.

At present, Metro Rail is running only from Apparel Park to Vastral. A distance of 39.25 km has been covered for metro rail in Ahmedabad city. In the first phase, Rs 10773 crore was to be spent. Which could be double. 1017 passengers can travel simultaneously in three coaches of Metro Rail. The train can run at a maximum speed of 90 kmph.

In 2019, the state’s urban development department, in response to various questions from legislators in the assembly, said that the Ahmedabad Metrorail is under construction, which may take another year to complete. The state government had announced that it had spent Rs 4228.86 crore on Metrorail in the last five years.