Like white British, saffron British committed atrocities in Gujarat on the day of the Dandi march

Gandhinagar, 13 March 2021
Like the white British, the saffron British have started ruling Gujarat for 20 years. Gandhiji started a movement to overthrow the British rule which did injustice to India. In Gujarat, the saffron government is uprooting the agitating Indians. Atrocities were carried out on the day of Dandi Yatra. BJP rulers have been trying to stop Gandhi’s ideology of “Dandi Yatra – Kisan Satyagraha” on the historic day of March 12.

Legislator held hostage
The night before the Dandi Yatra organized by the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, the Congress party MLAs were tied to the MLA. His residence was occupied by the police.

New freedom fight
Congress legislators were intimidated by the police and many activists were tortured and taken into custody. Attempts were made to license the entire administration to dictate. This is the Gujarat of Gandhiji and Sardar Saheb. Congress workers will struggle to fight a new freedom fight. Ella Congress has announced.

Dandi Yatra – Tractors involved in the Satyagraha of the farmers were taken out, the farmers were detained and a police cordon was built around the Congress building to stop the Dandi Yatra organized at any cost by the Congress Party. The BJP government persecuted Congress MLAs, councilors, leaders and activists at the behest of the police.

Godse’s ideology
Respected Mahatma Gandhi started a nationwide movement against British rule from the land of breaking the historic sweet Satyagraha civil law. Even today the situation in the country is the same as it was in British times. Gandhian thought is the demand of modern times. The Jan Andolan freed the country from slavery and established independent India. For a long time now, the rulers of India and the state have been destroying the ideology of Gandhiji and the saffron British ideology of Godse. Today’s rulers are committing atrocities shaming the British rule. The government is enacting anti-farmer legislation to benefit only a handful of people. More than 200 farmers have been martyred, the farmer is not fighting alone, every Indian is fighting.

Ideological battle
An ideological battle is going on all over the country. One ideology is that of the revered Mahatma Gandhi and the other is that of Godse. At a time when rulers are working to strengthen the ideology of Godse, the idea of ​​giving direction to the world is the need of the hour. Mahatma Gandhi’s life was based on principles including truth, simplicity, non-violence. The wealth of the country is for all people. The fight was against the British. The Congress is still fighting the same battle as it is trying to suppress the voice of the people. . Hence the Kisan Satyagraha Yatra is being organized.

Abuse of power
Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Amit Chavda said that Gandhiji started the Salt Satyagraha-Dandi Yatra against the tyranny of the British and gave a message to the whole country and the world to raise their voice against injustice. Even today, the way the farmers and common people are being oppressed under BJP rule, the voice of the people is being suppressed due to misuse of power. Against this, as per the tradition of every year, the Dandi Yatra programs have been organized by the Congress Party.

Dandi Yatra not permision
The Dandi Yatra was organized like every year and approval was also sought. But instead of allowing, dictator rulers vandalized BJP rulers, heirs of Godse’s ideology, and tractors, vandalizing farmers’ tractors. Dandi Yatra was not approved.

Another fight for freedom
Gujarat Legislative Congress Party leader Paresh Dhanani said that another fight for independence should be fought to bring the government to power. We must once again fight lawlessness, injustice, lies, arrogance, economic exploitation and tyrannical rulers with a determination to break the civil law. The mentality of the rulers has once again come to the public by not allowing the program of propagation of Gandhian ideas.

Bharat Solanki did not come
State President Amit Chavda, Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani, National Chief Organizer of Seva Dal Lalji Desai, Former State President Arjun Modhwadia, Siddharth Patel, A.I.C.C. Jitendra Baghel, co-incharge of Gujarat, Raju Parmar, former MP, Rutvik Makwana, Chief Organizer of Sevadal Gujarat, MLA Punja Dynasty, Lakha Bharwad, Imran Khedawala, Jasu Patel, Rajesh Gohil, Gaiyasuddin Sheikh, State Congress Chief Spokesperson Dr. Leaders and hundreds of activists were detained, including Manish Doshi, Ahmedabad city Congress president Shashikant Patel. Inhumane suppression of Congress corporators and activists by the police made him SVP. Had to undergo treatment in the hospital.