20k crore rupees fine, on illegal construction of 2 lakh crore rupees

Ahmedabad, 28 October 2022
The BJP government is robbing the public by making a law of loot effect fee, which is more than the number of people who robbed by calling handups. The BJP government first takes out the eye, then donates the spectacles. The policy of the government is like ‘Sher Bhaji, Andheri Nagari and Gandu Raja’. Congress has also promised to oppose legislation that would legalize illegal acts by making such excuses. 20 thousand crore rupees will be fined, illegal constructions of 2 lakh crore rupees can be done.
The reckless influence fee law will be imposed if Congress comes to power in 2022. Unauthorized constructions done in own premises will be regularized without taking a single rupee. It has been announced. Vice President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, Dr. Jitu Patel said that due to the imprudent effect fee ordinance imposed by the government, there is a possibility of fine of more than 20 thousand crores on the people of cities-urban officials-municipal areas of Gujarat.
People have already paid taxes to the government and still many things are not clear in this ordinance. Whether B.U. before 2011 that the permission was not there, then the certificate on which the permission was obtained would be considered official or not? Why is the Gujarat government levying fines in the name of impact charges on housing board houses again in 2006?
There are 40 lakh unemployed in Gujarat. He has become depressed due to repeated incidents of paper tripping. 15 lakh contractual and fixed salary employees are also being exploited. Employees will be permanent. Recently, the Rajasthan government has provided special salary security to one lakh ten thousand contractual workers by regularizing them. The benefit of old pension scheme will also be given. This will also give the benefit of old pension scheme.