BJP government came out in favor of the ventilator company to save Rupani

Dhaman Dhamaal – 2

Gandhinagar, 21 May 2020

The entire BJP government has come to the rescue of Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC, a friend of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Only then will Rupani be saved. So Rupani is working behind the scenes to rescue. He has come to the rescue of his deputy chief minister Nitin Patel but Rupani himself has not dared to appear publicly.

Vijay Rupani is accused of marketing and stunting Parakram Singh Jadeja of friend’s company Jyoti CNC. State Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel has said that for the last two-three days, an attempt is being made to discredit the government by accusing Dhaman-1 ventilator, which is reprehensible.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had sought promotion of the Dhamana-1 ventilator from a company based in Rajkot to maintain friendship. Which is completely unfounded. The company has said on the first day that we are going to donate 1000 ventilators to the Gujarat government for free. Where does the scam come from when someone gives a gift? Nitin Patel said.

Thousands of companies in the state produce medical items. The attempt to discredit him by associating him with the leader is tragic. However, Nitin Patel did not explain why Vijay Rupani and he went to the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad to see the ventilator? The government promoted the company to the Department of Information for 2 consecutive days. The information account was used in its entirety.

This company of Rajkot has given a free gift by doing this noble work of human service. The government has said the same thing, but Patel has not said anything about taking the gift at the risk of the patient. The private company produced the indigenous ventilator in just 10 days. Then there must be fault in it. All demonstration trials were completed and the tumor on the artificial lung was tested for 8 hours.