300 tonnes of hazardous waste dumped, paper on action against black pollution of Kalol paper mill

Gandhinagar, 7 July 2020
A paper mill in Kalol Industrial area of Gandhinagar, Gujarat has dumped dangerous toxic debris in the village, Vatva, which is spreading dangerous pollution. The people of Vatva village near Dahegam have exposed how the Gujarat Pollution Control Board runs such anti-social factories. GPCB is being accused of widespread corruption.

Police seize toxic plastic waste
Dahegam police seized a truck loaded with toxic plastic waste belonging to Aditya and Majithia Paper Mill Company at Kalol GIDC. Trucks and JCB were also seized from the places where garbage was being dumped. Garbage dumped at Vatva village near Dehgam. Police arrested the owners of both mills and reported to the Gujarat Pollution Control Board. Regional officials of the Pollution Control Board were responsible for capturing such wastes. He was not aware of this and even though he was aware of it, it allowed corruption.

Majithia Papers Mill
On March 30, 2020, a notice was issued to Majethia Papers ltd. by A V Shah, Member Secretary, Gujarat Pollution Control Board for violation of the Environmental Protection Act. Majithia Paper Private Limited is located at Kalok’s industrial estate in Gandhinagar. Who makes kraft paper and boards.

300 tons of dangerous debris
Hazardous contaminated waste was found near Malhar Exotica in an open pit on March 9, 2020, when an official of the Pollution Control Board visited the Majithia Paper Mill and the village of Vatwa in Dahegam, Malhar Exotica. Being dumped from JCB there. Around 300 metric tons of hazardous waste were lying around. The paper mill was dumped here instead of dumping this dangerous waste at the official location given here. 10 MT of plastic waste was dumped here. The company was informed in writing. The waste was asked to be removed in 15 days.

Order to close the paper mill
Member Secretary A V Shah ordered the immediate closure of the paper mill. Simultaneously shut down the DG set and captive power plant. Facilities like electricity, water, sewerage should be shut down immediately.
Pick up the hazardous waste from this illegal site and dump it within a valid location within 15 days. Presenting the auditor’s certificate within 30 days of the waste at the dumping site.

Imprisonment for 5 years
If this order is not complied with, you will be jailed, imprisoned, jailed for 5 years. Along with the punishment, a fine of up to Rs. one lakh should also be imposed. By giving such an order, the Gujarat Electricity Authority was ordered to cut off electricity, water connections.

Order to start paper mill again in 3 months
Interestingly, this same AV Shah has recommended to provide electricity connection to Majithia Paper Mill on 11 June 2020 after 3 months. It is recommended to provide a water connection. The Regional Officer of the Pollution Control Board has been asked to investigate the matter.

There is a different picture on the spot
The government is spending billions of rupees to reduce pollution. Then the GPCB office of Gujarat frees the polluting factories from the cage of the accused for known economic reasons. The registration of the truck was to be canceled. The Dahegam-Vatva waste was to be picked up and taken to the legitimate site. The geologist had to provide an opinion on how the waste is picked up. None of this happened. The trash was on the spot and Paper mill was ordered to reopen.

The case came out due to rain
The rains have exposed a gaggle of officials of the Gujarat Pollution Control Board. People visiting the village complained of bad water. Where the fallen dustbin fell. Some of the waste was buried in the ground. Villagers informed GPCB but no action has been taken so far.

The paper mill has been resumed. The local official had to check whether the garbage was picked up before starting. But the investigation has not been done. Laws and rules have been laid down by A V Shah, Member Secretary of GPCB. He has started again.  the villagers allege that the GPCB rules. The game is big. The game has been played with the lives of the villagers.
Local people say that if any officer who is playing with health should be suspended. If not, agitation will be done, but if no action is taken, the matter will be taken to the NGT court and the board of JV Shah will be exposed.
A Junagadh BJP leader is taking a personal interest in the case, his details have come to light in the case.