5 deaths of the same family due to poisoning of palm juice

Chhotaudepur, 10 June 2020

Five people were killed after five members of the same family drank palm juice late Monday night in Sinhada village of Kwant taluka in Chhotaudepur district, Gujarat.

Hours later, all the family members fell ill and were admitted to a government hospital and from there to a private hospital. Four members of the family died during treatment at a private hospital.

The place from which the family members brought the palm juice was sprayed with poison to kill the bees on the trees. The poisonous drug sprayed to kill the bees was then mixed with the palm due to the rain. So that the palm became toxic.

It has been found that the health of the family members has deteriorated due to drinking that palm juice. The exact cause of death of all the family members will be known only after the postmortem report comes out.