5 questions to the government – why did the Rupani government approve the ventilator?

Dhaman Ki Dhaalam – 11

Gandhinagar, 21 May 2020

The government is defending the company of Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC, a friend of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani who lives in Rajkot. The government is defending the sanctioning authorities. If not, the government should answer these questions.

Here are 5 questions

1 – The Rupani government does not answer the mystery as to why 900 machines were used by testing only on one patient before being put into the hospital, why it was not tested on other patients.

2 – All medical devices are required under the Drugs and Corematics Act (7940) by the regulatory network to comply with all medical devices. But these rules were clearly violated.

3 – As per law, ventilators fall into C and D categories and require a license from the Drug Controller General of India. How did the state government approve it, although the central government did not approve it?

4 – To obtain a license from the Central Government, the Chief Investigator has to make a presentation before the Ethics Committee on performance testing of the ventilator regarding the test, number of patients and medical condition of the patients. Who gave it and why is Rupani government silent about it?

5 – Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC said that Dhaman-1 has not got DCGI license. Performance testing was performed on only one patient. If its owner had said so, what hastened the government.