America exploring another universe, where reverse time runs

NASA (Parallel Universe) has discovered that another universe exists close to ours. But here time goes upside down. A research was done in Antarctica about the parallel universe. Based on this, NASA scientists say that they have discovered another universe.

Many scientists have been working for a long time to find another world like ours. Some scientists disagree with the new universe. An experiment by Antarctic scientists has tried to prove the point of another universe. Scientists lowered the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna – Anita to a height with a giant balloon.

The balloon was taken to a height where the air was dry. There is no radio sound. High energy particles keep coming to Earth from outer space, which is several million times more powerful than here.

Particles that weigh close to zero. Which have less energy, such as sub-atom neutrinos. They pass through the earth without colliding with any particles. But high energy particles stop colliding with the earth’s solid matter.

High-energy particles have been detected as they descend from outer space. But from space, such neutrinos were found. Which were coming up from the earth. That is, these particles are moving backwards over time. Which justifies the theory of a parallel universe.

Are there two universes?

Scientists report that two universes were formed during the Bing-Bang period 13.8 billion years ago. One in which we live. The other is a universe that is going backwards than the present time. Where upside down time goes. Meaning that what is past becomes present there. The cycle of time goes upside down. The principle of having more than one universe is years old. This is stated in the scriptures of India.

Just as there is an earth in our universe, there will be an earth in another universe. Scientists have five types of theories about many universes. In addition to the Big Bang, there is a theory that says that unlike the phenomenon of black holes, a new universe was born through the process. Another theory states that the smaller universe was born out of the larger universe.

Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s leading scientists, did the last research on many universes. Apart from our universe, many other universes exist. His paper was published in May 2018. According to Hawking’s theory, many universes could be exactly like ours, with Earth-like planets.

There can be not only the planet, but also society and people like us. There will also be some universes, whose planets will be completely different from the Earth, there will be no sun or stars, but the rules of ethics will be like ours.