500 villages in an area of ​​8,000 sq. Km around Ahmedabad were sanitized, why not the city

Ahmedabad, 4 May 2020
Sanitation in Ahmedabad district The first incident of simultaneous sanitation in all 465 villages in Ahmedabad district to prevent the transmission of corona took place on 4 May 2020. Sodium hypochloride 20% drug was used. But the entire city could not be sanitized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. That has come out a major flaw of Commissioner Vijay Nehra.

Collective sterilization of main roads, houses, beans etc. was carried out in the villages to prevent the spread of the virus due to touching each other or infecting public places.

Ahmedabad District Development Officer Arun Mahesh Babu has carried out a major operation to save the villages around Ahmedabad city from corona. This has been done by sending sprinkler vehicles to remote areas. But despite the highest number of corona cases in Ahmedabad city, the entire city could not be sanitized in this way.

The mega drive of sanitation in the district covered a population of 12 lakh. The city’s 60 million population living together is not fully covered.

There are 556 villages in Ahmedabad. 8084 sq. Km. Area. There are 14 talukas. It has a population of 74 lakhs. The literacy rate is 86.65% of the population. However, the Ahmedabad city panchayat could not do what the Ahmedabad city authorities could do.
In order to prevent the spread of the disease in the district, the movement of outsiders in the district has been controlled and the disease has been prevented to a certain level. Which is not found in Ahmedabad.

In Ahmedabad district, 100 fogger machines, 1 large canon fogger machine, 300 small pumps and 500 other vehicles were used for complete sanitation. About 25 thousand people including volunteers and employees were used in this cloud operation. 13500 liters of sodium hypochloride 20% drug was used.

Mahesh Sanmar, a future social worker and Jayanti Patel and Anand Patel, owners of Meghmani Organic and Kalpesh of Shri Ram Chemical in Bharuch provided 30,000 liters of sodium hypochloride free of cost for sanitation in all the villages of Ahmedabad district. Out of which 4.5 lakh liters of solution was made.

About 2300 liters of sodium hypochloride has been supplied by Mahesh Parmar to the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner’s Office. Range Ahmedabad, Kheda, Anand Chief District Police Office, Nadiad Municipality, Mahemdavad Mamlatdar Office, Godhra TDO Office, Kalol, Morwahadap TDO Office besides A.M.U.Co. Sodium hypochloride is also supplied in the southern zone.