59 Sachin Pilot’s 59 Congress workers resign

In Rajasthan, the Congress took disciplinary action against Sachin Pilot. After becoming state president, the pilots, with the help of BJP, worked to break the government by buying MLAs for Rs 25 crore. On Wednesday, 59 Congress officials resigned. His supporters in the Congress party are angry with the removal of Sachin Pilot from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and State President. District officials are resigning. The Congress will accept the resignation of all these workers. Because everyone except these 59 members of Congress believe that the Secretary to the State President should take strict action against him when he is misbehaving.

In Tonk on Wednesday, 59 Congress officials resigned and protested the action against Sachin Pilot. Earlier, Pali district president Chunnilal Chadwas also resigned in protest against action against Sachin Pilot.

The Congress has demanded disqualification of former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot and 18 other legislators of the assembly for their absence in the recent assembly party meetings. However, it was reiterated by the Congress that the doors were not closed to Pilot and other rebel MLAs.

Rajasthan Assembly Speaker C.P. Joshi confirmed that notices were sent to 19 MLAs on Wednesday on the Congress complaint. These MLAs will have to respond to the notice by Friday.