6 thousand people eat food daily for free in Somnath

Somnath, 21 March 2023
On the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, gas distribution company IRM Energy has started supplying Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to 7 kitchens of Prasad and free eateries of Somnath Trust in Gujarat. This work has been done with the help of Karan Kaushal, CEO of IRM Energy. 90 commercial cylinders of 19 kg per cubic meter were used. Gas worth 1.62 lakhs per month was consumed as per the calculation of market price of ₹1800. The use of PNG gas is expected to reduce these costs by 20 to 30%.

The kitchen of the restaurant has a dough kneading machine, a vegetable cutting machine, a roti maker by cutting the prepared roti dough into large pieces. Everyday 5 to 6 thousand people eat food both the times. connected by rail network.
It is mandatory for all employees to wear hand gloves and hygiene plastic caps. Dishes, restaurant counters, table floors, are all cleaned several times a day. The restaurant feels clean as soon as you step into it, and the frequent cleaning maintains a clean environment throughout the day.
The spices used in the kitchen are kept pure with quality.

Two electric roti maker machines have been installed in the canteen. Dal, vegetables, shero are prepared in batches by experienced cooks in big utensils for the tourists.
It is the special responsibility of the staff to provide excellent treatment to the passengers. The staff has been trained to behave well with the passengers. Full respect is given to the dining passengers. Passengers are treated with the utmost respect. Food is accompanied by devotional music. Indian style dining set up with seats.

The free food service of the trust is being appreciated in the country and abroad. Grants can be given for food service. Date Annadan-1100, one day’s Annadan-11,000, family memorial meal week-41,000, one month’s Annadan-1,11,000.

Mahamrityunjaya Yajna can be performed in Somnath for 25 rupees.

Online worship is done in Somnath temple for only 21 rupees. Pitambar, Dhaja, Vastra Prasad, ‘Bilva Puja’ are offered.
165 Gir-cow rearing service. After visiting Somnath, you can go to Diu by helicopter.