7% worse than Rupani giving food to the poor?

Gandhinagar, 9 May 2020

Food grains including cereals, pulses, oil, salt are tested by the Government of Gujarat at FSL’s Food Research Laboratory at Gandhinagar.

A negative report is sent by the FRL if the criteria set for quality foodstuffs appear to be even slightly raw. On the basis of which all quantity of supplier is rejected by the supply department. Strict action is also taken to blacklist the supplier’s agency where necessary.

The government’s goal has been to ensure that there is no compromise in quality and only certified supply tested in the Food Research Laboratory so that 17,000 fair price cheap food shops, 53,000 Anganwadis in the state have access to clean-quality cereals-pulses-oil etc. The 10-year MoU was signed two years ago. A total of 10178 samples have been analyzed in the two years since FRL was launched, out of which 790 samples have been rejected and the goods of the supplier have been rejected.

But even though the officer is responsible for it, no action has been taken against the supply mamlatdar.

This is going to be 7 percent. But not all quantities are verified. If all the quantity given from 17 thousand shops is checked in two years, then 17 lakh samples of 10 items have to be tested.

The true situation comes out only if 17 lakh samples are tested. If the sample is to be sent only to the merchants of the preferred sample or under-discounted, it does not show the correct position.