70 hectares of land cut free of cost form farmers near Ahmedabad to be sold for Rs 1,000 crore

Gandhinagar, 15 June 2020

6 draft TP of Ahmedabad-Auda area. From the scheme, the authority will get 215 plots for a public purposes. About 25.65 hectares of land for accommodation (SEWSH) in plots, about 22 hectares of land for gardens, open space, playgrounds, etc. as well as about 26.20 hectares for social infrastructure and about Rs. 68-70 hectares of land will be available. Its sale price could be around Rs 1,000 crore. 146 hectares of land has been cut down by farmers for free. 50 per cent of which will be sold if the government machinery.

The State of Gujarat has adopted a strategy of approving town planning schemes for well-planned development by expanding infrastructural facilities in towns and cities. Gujarat Urban Development Department has approved 7 Town Planning Scheme in Ahmedabad metropolis on 15th June 2020. Approved TP. Ahmedabad’s six draft TPs in the scheme. And a Preliminary TP.

In which approval of draft of TP Scheme No. 383, 140 A, B, 141 and 144 of Kalana and TP Scheme No. 404 (B) of Sanathal and preliminary approval of TP Scheme No. 36 (Chharodi). The government has given.

6 draft schemes of Ahmedabad-Auda area have been approved. More development opportunities are available in the village level extension of Kalana and a very large industrial area as well as in the villages a short distance from the city of Sanathal. Planning of 600 hectares of land has got the final op.

He also urged to give priority to infrastructure works by implementing the draft scheme roads expeditiously. In the three months prior to the corona virus, 11 draft TPs, 11 preliminary TPs, 3 phyllon TPs. M a total of 25 TP. And a final D.P. Approved.