70-storey buildings, many questions are being raised against C M Vijay Rupani

The government has approved the construction of 70-storey buildings. Many questions are being raised against Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on the announcement made earlier by the government.
What was previously announced?
Between 3,000 builders from 40 cities of Gujarat, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced on September 24, 2019, that the builders were allowed to build iconic 50-storey buildings in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot in special cases at the Growth Ambassador Summit-2019 Will go. Many questions are being raised against the Chief Minister in a year. Why did the policy change in one year or did it take 1 year to implement the previously announced process?
FSI of 3.6 to 4
All developers in Gujarat will be allowed to construct FSI 4 on both sides of 45 m wide road and 70 m high buildings in 200 m area on either side of 45 m roads in 4 cities. The 20-storey buildings will be easily exempt. So why the Rupani government is confused about the builders. Most of the builders of Gujarat are either BJP leaders. Kanto Builders has been helping the BJP since 1985 and has become rich. Thus BJP directly benefited.
In cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Gandhinagar, Bharuch, Junagadh, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar fall into the D-2 category, the FSI of 4 was declared on either side of the 45-meter road. Similarly, builders and landlords, mostly BJP leaders, were to directly benefit by announcing an FSI of 3.6 on roads ranging from 36 meters to 45 meters. This benefit will be available up to 200 meters on either side of the road. The remaining F Fs will be chargeable in the event of 1 or more bases in 200 meters. Non tp Zero reduction in plots up to 2500 meters in area
Low tall buildings on 9 meter road
On the other hand, in areas with roads smaller than nine meters, construction of big buildings from bungalows i.e. three or four storey buildings was also not allowed. In areas with roads less than nine meters wide, the macano can be placed 10 to 112 meters high in the DW-1 and DW-2 ranges.
He announced this as an excuse to declare Gujarat as slum-free. Now slums and 50-storey houses will benefit. The builder will take slum land cheaply. They were talking of giving everyone a house by 2022.
Forgive builders at FSI
In the scheme of newly constructed flats, the space used for gardens, gyms, children’s play areas and other such facilities will not be taken into consideration by FSI. For the chargeable-9 of residential area-3, a total FSI of 2 and 1 FSI, 12 will be given.
The area used for air conditioning, double height and foyer will be cut from FSI
In addition to the area of ​​50 square meters for electric meter room in Holoplinruth, the area for mechanical electric and plumbing and air handling, fire equipment will be cut from FSI.
In case of DW and 1DW alternators in Vadodara, the construction of a tenment type building will have a projection of balcony up to 1 meter cell level as per 2nd edition.
50 percent amount will be used locally
50 percent of the revenue generated through chargeable FSI will be used for public works of local authorities. In addition to the base FSI available at the village level extension, an additional chargeable FSI of 0.6 will be provided. In the D-8 category of municipalities, in the D-10 category of rural areas, 1 will be given as base FSI, 6 as chargeable FSI and combined FSI 8.1.
Non tp There will be plots up to 2500 square meters in the area and if the plan is approved in advance, no land cut will be done in their case.
Such benefits
Industries benefit by reducing margins in small plots for industries.
Tanks are to be built to store water at the margin.
Plant to purify the water used in the scheme of more than 100 flats.