BJP’s government’s well excavated after factory fire in Ahmedabad, for 25 years, 18,000 factories, but 94 % not NOC

Ahmedabad fire
Ahmedabad fire

Ahmedabad, 7 November 2020

A chemical factory on the Pirana-Piplaj road in Ahmedabad caught fire on Wednesday morning following a blast that killed 12 people. Corruption of government, AMC and officer once again surfaced. There are 600 chemical factories or textile processing units in Narol, Pirana, Piplaj, Lambh, Suez Farm area. But nothing to protect the people. There are no precautions for fire safety and pollution control. Most factories run illegally. Most of the factories are built on reserved municipal plots.

Rupani digs well when fire breaks out

The Municipal Commissioner has been ordered by the state government to take strict measures following the fire incident on the Pirana-Piplaj route. Vipul Mitra, Additional Chief Secretary of the state, has written a letter to the Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner directing him to check the validity of the constructions in the area and remove unauthorized constructions. The Chief Secretary told the City Police Commissioner and GPCB. A letter has also been written to take immediate action.

So now the Municipal Corporation Commissioner has ordered the removal of illegal constructions. After the fire, the failed Rupani government of BJP has done the job of digging the well after the fire.

The BJP ruled Ahmedabad for 30 years. Disasters are happening due to the failures of 15 BJP mayors. The BJP government orders when a tragic incident occurs. But later nothing happens,  corruption increase. 18 thousand factories in Ahmedabad, it is a corruption unite of BJP’s leaders and officers .

18 thousand industrial units in Ahmedabad

There are hundreds of factories within 3 km radius of Narol and its surroundings with 10 percent of the factories having Fire NOC. There are 25 to 30 fire incidents in the region every year. There are 18 thousand industrial units in the city of Ahmedabad. Out of which 6 percent i.e. 1085 industrial units have fire NOC. 94 percent do not have. All industrial factories, factory inspector, health inspector, demonstration controller, estate inspector, Milekar, total 12 agencies earn a profit of Rs.200 to 500 crores every year from the same.

Most fire incidents occurred in Ahmedabad

In the year 2017-2018, there were 7330 fires in the state. The highest 31 percent of fire incidents occurred in 2123 in Ahmedabad city. There are 21 fire incidents in the state every day. In Ahmedabad, 35 people have died in fire incidents in the last three years. The fire brigade rescued 96 people and recovered assets worth Rs 83.77 crore. 38 people lost their lives in 6 incidents in 2020.

50 fire

Every year there are 50 accidents in the Ahmedabad industry. Narol, Pirana and Suez are living in the farm area hell. The situation here is like a volcano.

150 chemical factories

There are 150 chemical process factories from Isanpur to Pirana dump site, Lambha triangle area. Officials of the corrupt Gujarat Pollution Control Board are aware of all the units. Here, one lakh installments are taken annually from a unit. This area has been declared pollution free.

Sewer lines illegal

Factory owners are diverting chemical-laden water into the drainage line and Kharicut sub-canal. Acid and chemically contaminated water tankers are evacuated.

200 textile processing factories

There are 200 textile processing factories in the region from Narol to Piplaj. Illegal construction has taken place in textile units. 300 factories are operating in the Suez Farm area. Notices have been issued by the South Zone Estates Department to all 200 units, several times. Yet the illegal construction has not been demolished. It was announced by Congress leader Rajesh Soni.

Factory dam work on 300 acres of land

The Suez Farm is sold by plotting over 300 acres of land. Construction is not possible due to the dump site. Still construction is done. In which there is widespread corruption.

Illegal constructions on reserved land

Most of the factories are built on reserved municipal plots. Town Planning Scheme Nos. 55 and 56 have been constructed on 2 lakh square meters of reserved land.

8 workers died before this

Five days ago, a fire broke out in Jindal Textile and the cloth burned to ashes. The construction of the shed was also illegal. In February 2020, five workers died in a fire in Nandan Denim on Pirana-Piplaj Road. In February 2020, 3 workers died of suffocation due to fire at Lotus Label Industries in front of Odhav Fire Office.

Chiripal group’s suspected fire

The Chiripal group, which owns the textile industry and another factory, caught fire, killing seven workers. Around three to four big fire calls are made every year in the Chiripal Group factories. The exact cause of the fire is never known. Agni is a big puzzle.

Empty space in fire department

Out of 794 posts, 491 posts have been filled in Ahmedabad Fire Service. 303 is empty. All 18 posts of Station Fire Officer are vacant. All 21 posts of Sub Fire Officer have been vacant for years. Out of 159 posts of driver cum pump operator, 112 posts have not been filled till. 53 out of 54 positions of Leading Firemen are vacant. Translated from Gujarati.