8 month old Rishika cannot breastfeed due to lump in her tongue, now

18 July 2020
Ushaben Patni of Shahibag area of ​​Ahmedabad, a lemon-sized lump in 8-month-old daughter, Rishika his mouth, since the birth. Due to this problem, Rishika was having difficulty eating and drinking for a long time. Ushaben’s husband drives a rickshaw on rent. Ushaben’s husband is also undergoing treatment for cancer. Ushaben was going through such a situation. Ushaben has been discharged on July 17, 2020 by the doctors of the pediatric department of the Civil Hospital.
The girl was diagnosed with hemangioma, a blood clot in the tongue. An MRI scan is performed to determine the exact size of the tumor and its size. But the complexity of the process was revealed. Hemangioma is more likely to occur as children grow up. Some medicines help speed up this process. But for Rishika, treatment with these drugs was not effective. Over time, Rishika’s mouth swelled and she was unable to close her mouth. Breastfeeding and feeding were also difficult due to severe inflammation. Given all these seriousness, it was decided to have Rishika for surgery for 8 months.
Head of the Department of Civil Pediatric Surgery, Dr. Rakesh Joshi and his team underwent Rishika’s surgery. Hemangioma are tufts of extra blood vessels that commonly occur in children. The patient is more likely to bleed during surgery. When there is a large swelling on the mouth, it becomes difficult to insert the trachea. Now Rishika is breastfeeding easily.

What is in Hemangia?
Hemangioma is tufts of additional blood vessels that commonly occur in hemangiomas. It is a common childhood tumor that occurs due to abnormal formation of blood vessels, but usually also occurs in other parts of the body. Most babies die at birth. Very few patients require surgery for this condition. Tongue in hemangioma is very rare and usually requires surgery.