One lakh tribals were given 13 lakh acres of agricultural land in the forest by the government, some others today

He clarified that it is due to the contribution of forest dwellers that forest resources, forests and wildlife have been protected. Forests are protected. The forest makers who have been cultivating the land for years are the owners of the forest land.
Approval letter for the allocation of 24 hectares of forest land to 114 forest brothers of Kaprada, Dharampur and Umargam remote forest areas of Valsad district and 4000 forest brothers were distributed digitally to 4000 forest brothers through Power of Attorney-Conference.
The state government has so far approved 21,600 individual and 354 collective claims in 17 districts of the tribal belt from Ambaji to Umargam. In these claims, the forest brothers have been given 1.50 acres of land. According to the collective claim, 11.50 lakh acres of land have been approved.
The state government has also given a new impetus to local development by giving forest dwellers rights to minor minerals and by-products under PESA Act.
The government has allocated Rs 1 lakh crore in the Vanbandhu welfare package for basic facilities such as schools, colleges, roads, water, electricity etc. for the education of tribal children. He also gave details of medical colleges being started in tribal-forest areas.
The Congress government has given the tribals of Gujarat the right to land as well as basic facilities like roads, water, education.
The Gujarat government has given special rights under the PESA Act to over 20 lakh tribal brothers and sisters living in more than 3000 villages in 12 tribal districts and 3 taluks. Similarly, Birsa Munda University has been established at Rajpipla at a cost of Rs 50 crore. His work is going on In tribal society, a law has been made to verify the caste certificate.