Agreement with Flipkart and Adani expelled due to Myanmar

Ahmedabad, 15 April 2021
Rating agency S&P Dow Jones has kicked off Adani. Business relations with Myanmar’s military have been tense. Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited has been removed from its index.

Myanmar’s military has been accused of human rights abuses since the uprising this year and has drawn widespread criticism.

Adani’s company is working to develop a container port in Yangon, Myanmar. This is where the container port is being developed. The land is owned by a company called Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC). Owned by the Myanmar Army.

It was announced today that Adani Port would be removed from the index just before it opened on 15 April 2021.

Earlier, the United Nations turned a blind eye to Adani. Companies like Adani Ports are financially strengthening Myanmar’s military. It is therefore promoting genocide as well as human rights violations.

More than 700 people have died in a military coup in Myanmar since 1 February.

Adani Port spokesperson claimed that there was no direct or indirect connection behind any political upheaval.

Will lease Flipkart for e-commerce in Western India. Adani Logistics Limited will build a 5.34 lakh sq ft warehouse at its next logistics hub in Mumbai.

Flipkart will set up its third data center at Adani Connex’s Chennai plant.