Gujarat’s hypermarket D-Mart dropped a bag for Rs 6,000, you can now get free from any mall

Ahmedabad, 14 June 2020

He was challenged in a consumer court for taking money from Gujarat’s hypermarket D-Mart bag. The legality of the sale of carry bags has been questioned. Consumer courts have ordered two hypermarkets in the state to refund the price of the bag. Courts have also ordered the sale of bags to be reimbursed to consumers as unfair trade practices. Due to the ban on thin plastic, free carry bags were not made available.

Earlier this week, a consumer court in Rajkot ordered Demart, located on Kalawad Road in Rajkot, to pay Rs 6,000 in compensation for a carry bag in April 2019. With this verdict, Jamkhambhaliya’s lawyer Sanjay Ambalia will get back Rs 16 of the bags. Return with 7% interest as per order.

The lawyer bought clothes and since he did not have a bag. He had to buy a bag. He later sued in court for selling the bag at the store. The store objected to the claim, saying the signboards at the venue stated that. Customers can bring their bags. Carry bags are sold here. The carry bag was given to the customer at Rs. When its actual price was 20 rupees.

Rajkot District Consumer Dispute Resolution Forum was not satisfied with this argument. He said the bag was purchased by the store in April for Rs 4.35. With taxes, the price was around Rs 5.13. But the store has charged 300% more, which is unfair trading practice.

In a similar case earlier this year, Rhythm Bansal, a resident of Demart in Ranim’s Garden City, Ahmedabad, was ordered to pay Rs 1,000 for mental harassment and Rs 500 for legal costs. He claimed to charge Rs 9 for two carry bags when he bought 29 items last year. He asked for a bag and was charged Rs 4.50 each. Considering the sale an unfair trade practice, the consumer court asked the shop to refund Rs 9 with 8% interest.