Ahmed Patel Congress villain again, what happens if Gujarat Congress splits in two?

Gandhinagar, 18 May 2020
In Gujarat, the Congress had two Rajya Sabha seats. But now there will be only one. Ahmed Patel, the outgoing Congress leader, has been fielded for one seat. He wants to take Shaktisinh Gohil to the Rajya Sabha at any cost. Arjun Modhwadia is more capable than Shaktisinh and Bharatsinh. Yet Ahmed Patel is using a camel named Shaktisinh to re-energize his broken strength. So the Congress case is becoming more explosive. The situation is such that the Gujarat Congress could be split in two, because of Ahmed Patel. The stage is being set for that.

Shaktisinh Gohil used as a camel
According to Congress sources, Ahmed Patel is no longer in Delhi. Because Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have come to know the sweet relationship between Ahmed Patel and Narendra Modi. So they are now confined to Bharuch district. But Ahmed Patel is ready to strengthen his elephant foothold in Delhi politics again by any means. In which Shaktisinh Gohil is using his right hand as a camel. By strengthening Shaktisinh, Ahmed Patel is ready to do great damage to the Gujarat Congress once again by playing a dirty referendum to make his weight heavier.

The MLA had to give notice
Bharatsinh Solanki also wants to go to Rajya Sabha at any cost. So he initially called 12 MLAs who had decided to vote for Shaktisinh and asked them to vote for him. Ahmed Patel was informed about this and a joint meeting of MLAs was called and every MLA had to give instructions.

Does Bharat Singh replace Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani?
Yet the Congress’s dirty referendum does not stop. A new game has started to take Bharatsingh Madhavsinh Solanki by contesting the Assembly by-elections. If he goes to the Legislative Assembly, the Leader of the Opposition Paresh Dhanani will be replaced by the Leader of the Opposition. There is also talk of giving responsibility to a Patidar as the president of the CPCC party. But all these exercises do not suit Bharatsinh.

Shankarsinh and Bharatsinh will become one?
A new factor has been added to the political movement that Shankarsinh and Bharatsinh become one. Shankarsinh is also in the process of forming a new party. If Bharatsingh is supported in this, a Congress leader is working hard to break the Congress and form a new political party in Gujarat.

Congress split in two
Ahmed Patel is in the role of the villain of the Congress behind all these polls. They have been breaking the Congress in Gujarat for the last 20 years. He is known to help Modi. Ahmed Patel has helped Modi by misleading Congress President Sonia Gandhi and making her his own in Gujarat. Modi has been able to become the Prime Minister of the country because of Ahmed Patel. Ahmed Patel will now be responsible for leading the two factions of the Congress.