Ahmedabad has more patients than 24 states, the first incident of paramilitary deployment

Ahmedabad, 7 May 2020
Gujarat’s the old town Ahmedabad has paramilitary forces have been deployed in the Kot area. More BSF and CISF units were also found on the road in the Kot area. In addition, some more paramilitary companies have been deployed in the city. In particular, they have been placed in the red zone. The number of Kovid-19 patients in Ahmedabad is more than the 24 states of the country. The number of corona patients in the city has exceeded 6625. The death toll has also been at an alarming rate.

This is the first time paramilitary forces have been assigned to work because of Corona. This is a sign of failure for the Ahmedabad police.

It was decided to close the city completely for a week 15th May. As the condition of the most infected Kot area of ​​Ahmedabad deteriorates, additional forces including 3 BSF companies and one company RPF have also been deployed in the city. With the rise of paramilitary companies, the movement of civilians, who were previously spotted at some places in the Kot area, has also stopped.

The city roads were seen smooth from early this morning as the strict lockdown was being implemented in Ahmedabad city. Shops other than medicine and milk have been ordered closed for weeks. Due to which, till now, only the police, who have been showing strictness on the road, had been seen entering the inner parts of every area of ​​the city since this morning and enforcing the lockdown.

As the situation worsens in Ahmedabad, the state government as well as the central government has come to the notice of the city and efforts have been started to control the coronavirus in the city. A series of meetings were held by officials appointed by the state government. Held a meeting with senior officers of the police force.

Ahmedabad city police had been enforcing the lockdown since morning and had penetrated deep into some areas. Even with more drones being flown than before, the police are keeping a watch on their areas.