Humanity lamp, ‘Shelter Home’ as ‘Happy Home’ in Ahmedabad for 101 people

‘I am a native of Uttar Pradesh, earning a living at a sari factory in Surat. After the announcement of the lockdown, I walked out and headed home. On entering Ahmedabad district area, I was brought to the shelter center by the district administration. I’m getting all the features here. I am delighted with the food, entertainment and affection of the Gram Panchayat at Shelter Home and thank the government. ”These words are from Avinash Singh. Avinash is a laborer and is currently seeking shelter at a shelter home in Kathda village of Dasroi taluka in Ahmedabad.

At Shelter Home, operating from March 29, a group of 70 men, 12 women and 19 children have taken shelter at Kachtha village in Dasroi taluka, Ahmedabad.

When the lockdown was announced, some of the workers here were going from Morbi to Madhya Pradesh and some from Surat to Uttar Pradesh. Initially, 300 workers were brought here, out of which 200 workers were arranged to be transported to their destinations.

The ‘Shelter Home’ has kept 3 workers per room as social distance is maintained. The facilities including toilets, baths, meals and entertainment are being taken care of here. Small and large needs are being provided to the working families, including cosmetics such as soaps, shampoo, oils and nail-cutters.

Every day, health check up of the workers and their children is done by the District Panchayat Health Team and Anganwadi sisters. Anganwadi sisters regularly serve happy and lapsy meals for such children. Besides, sanitary napkins have also been arranged for the sisters of the labor family.

According to village panchayat minister Jayeshbhai, television and sound systems have been arranged for entertainment here. A delicious, hot meal and snack made at the Gram Panchayat is provided twice a day to the workers.

According to a woman laborer from Madhya Pradesh, she is employed in a factory in Odhav area of ​​Ahmedabad. They were brought here by the policemen when they left for home after the announcement of the lockdown.
They are very happy with the care they are having at Shelter Home, including their baby.

According to taluka development officer Pankajbhai, not even a single rupee panchayat has been spent for the upkeep of Kathda ‘shelter home’. The financial contribution of the village’s leading donors for the purchase of essential items is unprecedented.

The village sarpanch Harishbhai is delivering 40 liters of milk daily at the ‘Shelter Home’ for free. The people of the village are delivering regular food preparation materials. The ordinary peasant families of the village are also cooperating in this humanitarian work.

Thus, the lamps of humanity are lit up in the ‘shelter home’ of Kathmandu.

Thus the shelter for the laborers from the Gram Panchayat and the villagers has become a center of happiness, the Shelter Home has now become a ‘Happy Home’.