AMC has received a whopping 1,16,400 RTI applications in 9 years

Ahmedabad, 15 March 2020

In the last nine years, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has received a whopping 1,16,400 Right to Information (RTI) applications. There are 24,535 applications which have not received satisfactory responses. Out of the total, around 1,463 appeals are still going on and have not been cleared yet.

The BJP-run AMC is a den of corruption where the officers are ready to pay hefty fines but, not ready to share information.

This information was revealed in the RTI filed by Congress councillor Shahnawa Shaikh, who sought information regarding the status of the total number of applications filed between 2010 to 2019.

Not sharing correct information with the public. They do not want to reveal information at any cost and would rather pay fines for not doing so.

There are seven officers in the local civic body who were fined Rs70,000 for not furnishing information.

RTI Cell does not have any information or records of the number of applicants who have approached the Gujarat Information Commission for a second appeal. Like many other records, yet another record is missing from the AMC. A proper system needs to be in place so that, people get timely response and officers who delay the process must receive severe punishment.