All the information about the Surat land scam, Collector Ayush Oak suspended

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, May 28, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

At the behest of a leader, the Surat Collector has sold an area of ​​​​2 lakh 17 thousand square meters. There is a dispute over 21.7 hectares of gold rush-like land in Dumas behind Surat Airport. Currently Rada Saurabh Pardhi is the collector. His predecessor Ayush Oak – using his distant IAS post, scammed 90 bighas of land. Former Surat Collector Ayush Oak was suspended by the government on June 10, 2024 while holding the post of Valsad Collector.

Private people have been made owners of the land by showing stake in government barren land. The needle of suspicion is going on the collector and a big leader of Surat BJP. There is land worth about Rs 2 thousand crores here. After this scam came to light, preparations are being made to take account from the minister. The power of this minister and his Marathi guru may be reduced in the formation of the new Pradhan Mandal.

What happened 10 years ago.

The land scam has been going on for 10 years. 10 years ago in 2014, the price of this land was just Rs. 20 lakhs. 700 crores. Now it becomes Rs. 2 thousand crores. 90 bighas of government barren land was grabbed in Dumas area. The collector has intensified the years old scam and issued an injunction on the sale and transfer of land.

The first scam took place in 1974. The records were tampered with. 90 bighas of land of survey number 311/3/1 in Dumas was government barren land. There was a demand to make Himmat Babubhai’s land non-agricultural and the village records were called for and an investigation was conducted. In which a big scam was revealed. Therefore, the Surat Collector took action to make the land non-agricultural. The investigation of the provincial officer revealed that the land of Sadar belongs to the government.

Tampering with documents

It was found that government records were tampered with and the names of Ganotia and other occupants were recorded.

The sale of land was documented. The then collector Dr. Rajendra Kumar took suo motu cognizance under the Gujarat Land Revenue Rules and handed over the investigation of the entire case to the provincial officer. In 1948-49, the provincial officer M.M. Pargi conducted an investigation and the word “Sarkari Padar” was checked. The names of Krishnamukhlal Bhagwandas and Navinchandra Krishnalal were recorded as VC Jadav and Ganotia.

In 1948-49, the word Sheer Padar i.e. Government Padar was struck off in the copy of 7/12. The name of VC Jadav, manager of the dairy company, was recorded illegally. The name of Krishnamukhlal Bhagwandas was recorded as Ganotia. However, no action was taken even after the matter came to the notice of the authorities.


The names of 14 people were recorded as their heirs. The land was sold by the Gnotias. The sale documents were executed in 2005, and 2012, 2013 and 2014. Finally, it was revealed that Rajendra Sugamchand Shah, Sugamchand Chunnilal Shah, Dharmendra Sugamchand Shah and Mitul Jagdishbhai Shah, Nutanben Jagdishbhai Shah had illegally sold government land. The injunction was issued by Collector Dr Rajendra Kumar at that time.

The injunction was issued against the sale and transfer of land because Shah Bandhu Builders had illegally sold government vacant land.

The land was transferred in 1976 in the name of Krishnamukhlal Bhagwandas Shroff of Ganotia. He was no longer alive. It was counted in the name of the dead person. Then it was sold to a builder. In 2005, the land was sold to Rajendra Shah, Dharmendra Shah, Sugamchand Shah. Out of the 22 owners, four people have already died, two are from Mumbai while the rest are from Surat.


The then Collector Ayush Oak has wrongly registered the valuable and precious government land in the name of Ganotiya on 20 January 2024, 2 days before his transfer. Prima facie it appears that corruption has taken place on a large scale.

Order to keep it as it is

The case was taken to S.S.R.D. After the matter came to the notice of the Revenue Department, it was stayed from 6 May 2014. A warning was given not to tamper with government records. The hearing is again on 28 June 2024. Surat Collector Saurabh Parghi was present in the case. The current Valsad Collector is being held responsible for the wrong registration. The government itself took action in this dispute. In which the crime was taken before the Revenue Commission in Ahmedabad and a stay was imposed. Revenue Department Secretary R.B. Barad gave the order.


The decision of former Collector Ayush Oak has become controversial. A stay has been given on 2.17 lakh square meters of land. Stayed till 28-6-2024. Status quo of 2015 has been maintained. A writ petition was also filed in this regard. Report was given by CT Prant in 2015. In which the land was declared government and the names of the account holders were recorded.


Survey No. 311/33 bearing 217216 sq.m. land in Dumas. This land was recorded as government wasteland in government records since the year 1948-49. Under Section 4 of the Gujarat Ganotra Act, if a person legally cultivates the land of another person, he is considered a Ganotia.

The name of Krishnamukhlal Bhagwandas was recorded as Ganotia by Note No. 582. The name of any person cannot be included in government wasteland. The Revenue Officer has not given notice to register the name of the assessee. Name of Ganotia should be registered in government land without any solid proof

Yes, there were

22 people

Dumas, Majura, Athwalines, Bhimpore, Sultanabad area of ​​Surat

In 2015 and before that, 22 people were given land by making Gannotia overnight. This land was in the form of government barren land.


Former Collector Ayush Oke passed a controversial order on the last day of transfer. Conscious people have demanded an investigation into this matter. Congress MLA Tushar Chaudhary and Darshan Nayak have written a letter to Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel demanding an investigation. Action has been demanded against the collector. There has been a demand to remove the collector from the post.

Controversy in BJP

There has been a dispute between the top leaders of BJP regarding the land. In which a black finger is being pointed at a leader originally from Maharashtra and working in Gujarat. Despite informing Delhi, no strict action has been taken. Therefore, a new cabinet will be formed soon in which a minister from Surat will be excluded.


Nayan Govind Patel, who lives in Mata Bazar of Bhimpor and Deepak Dhiru Ijardar, who lives in Bhakti Dham of Sultanabad, raised objections. Advocates Hitesh Patel, Vimal Patel, Kiran Dave, Premal Ranch, Himanshu Vansia, Girish Vansia are on behalf of the parties. Complaints were received by the Vigilance Commission, Revenue Department of Gandhinagar and General Administration Department.

Investigate this point

Why did Ayush Oak name Ganotia.

Create a special investigation force – SIT.

How much loss did the government suffer and compensation.

File a case of land grabbing against the collector.

The collector should be dismissed.

Expose the names of Raj leaders.

The collector should be suspended.

Another scam

Shrimp pond scam took place on 4 thousand hectares of government land in Majura, Choryasi, Olpad taluka of Surat.

The National Green Tribunal issued a notice to take action against illegal shrimp pond on 4 thousand hectares of coastal area in three talukas of Surat, Olpad, Labora and Choryasi.

The complaint has been filed by former Leader of Opposition of the District Panchayat Darshan Nayak.

He did not do what former Surat Collector Ayush Oak should have taken care of and protected. The order was passed arbitrarily without exercising his discretion as a magistrate.

Shrimp ponds have been constructed due to illegal pressure and causing damage to the environment and natural ecosystem. Shrimp ponds are not permitted in Labora and Choryasi talukas, although shrimp ponds were permitted in 3000 hectares.

Gauchar land

A complaint was received against Rama Newspaper Mill in Barbodhan village of Allapad taluka. In 1992, Gram Panchayat Barbodhan and citizens had violated the condition of giving 29 acres of government Gauchar land in Allapad. However, no action was taken for two years.


In 2022, it was discovered that the original documents were replaced by other documents from the amount of registered documents of Dumas, Vesu, Khajod and Singanpore land 60 years ago in the eighth sub-registrar office located in a multi-storey building in Nanpura. , Surat.

The scam was caught due to its headquarters in Gandhinagar. 5 land document tampering scam came to light.

Pages of documents were transferred from the record room of the Sub Registrar Office. A person named Sanjay Lakhani did this in the Chief Inspector Office of Gandhinagar.

The land of Dumas village was registered in June 1961. 14 Revealed the plan to grab 38 acres of land worth 900 crores by tampering with the documents. The heirs of the buyer Bhagu Parag Patel also filed a suit before the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

Coastal Land Scams


Petition No. 16-2020 was filed by a private entity in the National Green Tribunal Pune. In 2022, more than 10,000 illegal shrimp ponds were constructed on government land in Olpad, Choryasi, Majura taluk of Surat district. A complaint was made against them in the National Green Tribunal. Illegal shrimp ponds were being cultivated on government land for 20 years in the villages of Kantha Patti of Dumas, Surat.

75 out of 184 lakes were broken in survey number 197 of Umber village of Choryas Four.

A large number of illegal shrimp ponds are in Mor, Lavachha, Orma, Kachol, Hathisa, Mandvoy, Tena, Nesh, Kapasi Kudiana, Delasa, Dandi, Bhagwa and Khajod, Dumas, Bhimpor, Alia Bet, Abhava, Talagpor of Olpad of Majura taluk. Government land has been built at Surat Airport


More than 1000 shrimp lakes were built on government land on the banks of Allpad. On May 21, 2022, an order was issued to remove illegal shrimp ponds built on government land in 16 villages and register a case under land grabbing. Since the ponds did not allow rainwater to drain out, villages in Olpad taluka faced flood-like conditions during monsoon.

As of May 16, 2022, there were 16 villages named Dandi, Khokiana, Kapsi, Kuwad, Saras, Orma, Mor, Delasa, Mandroi, Nash, Kachol, Hatisa, Lavachha, Tena, Sondalkhara, Koba and Thotaab. Talati conducted a survey. Action was pretended.

Kim River

There were illegal shrimp ponds on the banks of Kim River. Shrimp ponds were measured in 14 villages of Olpad.

Alia Bet – Surat

150 illegal shrimp ponds were built on 780 hectares of government land in Alia Bet near Dumas in Surat. Rs. 25 crore worth of business was generated from this. This came to light during the ‘Maha’ storm. In 10 years, shrimp worth Rs 200 crore has been prepared here. Which has been sent to Japan and China. In 1949, Nawab Haider gave Bet Gauchar to the government. Since then the villagers used to take the cattle to Ballam for grazing. Started farming. The villagers have been farming in Alia Bet since 2013

An illegal shrimp pond was built in Dumas.


In 2021, five accused who prepared fake documents of government land of Dumas 26 years ago were jailed for 4 to 7 years.

The female accused, originally from Mehsana Vadnagar, was sentenced to 7 years rigorous imprisonment, other accused were sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment. A fine of 50 thousand was imposed.

In the BJP rule, billions of rupees have been earned by politicians by doing such ruthless land scams. In which the officials have cooperated. (Google translation from Gujarati)